Grilling and Beer

Grilling and Beer: Perfect Combo for Father’s Day

Bradley Carlson, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 06/18/2015 | Food and Drink

Face it, your dad has plenty of ties.

This Father’s Day, try giving him something a little different. Fire up the grill and get him a six-pack. But be strategic. Find a balance between a dish that he likes and his favorite type of beer.

Who knows – it may even become a new tradition with you guys. 

To get you started, we asked grilling expert, Kyle Hopkins, contributor and Boulevard Brewing Company Guest Relations team member for some beer pairing suggestions with a few of our recipes.


Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7 with Santa Fe Wings

“Saisons and other farmhouse ales possess refreshing qualities like bright flavors and lots of bubbles,” says Kyle.

The great thing about bubbly beers, he says, is that they help scrub the spice off your palate so you are ready for  the next big bite of spicy wings. “Plus, farmhouse ales love funky blue cheese, so the flavors of the beer will complement the dipping sauce as well.”

He goes on to say that Tank 7 ferments on a Belgian yeast that adds a peppery finish to the beer – a taste that will perfectly pair with the peppery flavors in the wings.

Santa Fe Chicken Wings Recipe

Santa Fe Wings

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with Crown Roast of Pork with savory Rosemary Rub

“Any pale ale should work great with this,” says Kyle.

“Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale features a piney cascade hop aroma that will provide a bridge connecting the flavors of the beer and the rosemary rub,” he says. Pork and pale ale always get along well, in his opinion.

He adds, “Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale is considered, rightfully so, one of the best beers made in America.”

crown roasted pork recipe

Crown Roas of Pork with savory Rosemary Rub

Founders Brewing Company Breakfast Stout with Grilled Croissant S'Mores

“This big stout brewed with coffee, chocolate and oats begs to be served with a grilled dessert,” he says. 

“The coffee and chocolate notes will work great with a high quality dark chocolate and the velvety mouthfeel of oatmeal stout will wash down the sticky and creamy melted marshmallows. There's a subtle smokiness to this beer as well, which will add a perfect note on top of a s'mores dish.”

Grilled Croissant S'Mores

To read more from Kyle, check out the “Cooking with Booze” column in the Grilling and Barbecuing section of It’s full of great recipes, tips and reviews from Kyle and Emily Farris.  


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