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The Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet story

From design and construction to customer service, we set the bar for industry excellence. Our goal is to create the best experience. We never rest. We continue to innovate—the Hybrid Fire is considered the world’s best gas grill, but we still look for ways to improve it. That’s the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet way. It’s what sets us apart.


sheet metal tradition since 1906

Kalamazoo Sheet Metal was founded in 1906 as a custom sheet metal fabrication shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Driven by a gifted founder with a number of tool and product patents to his name, they focused on specialty metal products that were challenging for the average shop to fabricate. The company served a variety of industries in western Michigan, including the production of dairy processing equipment, and ultimately perfected the flawless “dairy standard” of stainless steel welding.



In 1996, the company introduced a stainless-steel line of grills under The Kalamazoo Grill brand, culminating in the 1998 invention of the highest performance gas grill on the market. The Kalamazoo Dual-Fuel Grill not only featured unparalleled quality, but also the integrated ability to cook with charcoal and wood. This revolutionary product set a new standard for outdoor cooking possibilities. During this process, the company won a design patent that became a signature of its products in the years to come.


The Original Kalamazoo Dual Fuel Grill evolved over the years and, in its current incarnation, has been perfected to outperform any gas grill on the market. Now known as the Hybrid Fire Grill, it boasts a unique set of design choices that delivers the ultimate outdoor cooking experience — excelling at grilling, searing, baking, roasting, smoking and rotisserie cooking — better than any other gas grill ever produced.



In 2005, the company rebooted under new ownership to become what it is today — Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. The new name signified the embrace of outdoor cooking and entertaining beyond the grill. This vision, rooted in performance and quality, drove the company to create a complete, modular outdoor kitchen system. Today, the offering includes grills, pizza ovens, smokers, refrigeration, cabinetry, ventilation and more.

Like the Hybrid Fire Grill, everything we make is designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. The Gaucho brings Argentinian-style grilling to your backyard in modern style. And the Shokunin charcoal grill embraces the essence of kamado-style cooking while delivering unrivaled heat consistency and impressive efficiency. From quick-heating gas pizza ovens to weather-tight cabinetry, we can outfit your entire outdoor kitchen.


Legacy of innovation

Our commitment to innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our excitement for outdoor cooking and fiercely independent design philosophy drive us to establish new levels of performance, aesthetics and functionality, whether that requires a new product or even all-new categories. This same spirit of innovation that brought the Hybrid Fire Grill to life has inspired a number of unprecedented industry achievements. 

  • World’s first gas, wood and charcoal hybrid grill
  • World’s first weather-tight outdoor kitchen cabinetry
  • World’s first counter top outdoor gas-fired pizza oven
  • World’s first Argentinian-style grill with gas starters and an integrated, motorized rotisserie
  • World’s first under-counter charcoal smoker cabinet
  • World’s first complete outdoor kitchen collection available in marine-grade stainless steel


Our in-house outdoor kitchen design experts have created hundreds of outdoor kitchens, and they place the highest priority on meeting the unique needs of each client. This is more than a philosophy. The breadth and depth of the Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen Collection gives our team significantly more options to work with than any other manufacturer. With more than 150 models and 1,500 SKUs at our disposal, a kitchen can be truly tailored to a client’s needs and aspirations. Not just special occasions. Not just now and then. Our goal is for every outdoor kitchen to become the primary kitchen in the home — easy to live with and a joy to use. 


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