The World's Best Grills, Pizza Ovens and Outdoor Kitchens

The World's Finest Grills, Pizza Ovens and Outdoor Kitchens

Our extensive outdoor kitchen collection includes innovations you won’t find anywhere else. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the ultimate grill in every way. Named “the best gas grill in the world”, it also cooks with charcoal and wood, in any combination. Our wood-fired Gaucho Grill brings modern convenience and style to traditional Argentinian asado. The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven was brilliantly engineered to deliver all the ease and convenience of a gas flame, with the intensity and heat characteristics of a wood fire. We pioneered the first undercounter charcoal smoker cabinet, built for competition-grade performance. We also make an extensive range of outdoor refrigeration, two dinstinct lines of outdoor cabinetry, and much more. Every need is met and every detail covered with our superior selection of outdoor cooking appliances and cabinetry. Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams today.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Today.

A Passion for Outdoor Cooking

Imagine yourself sitting around the table with friends and family, enjoying a perfectly cooked dinner prepared over a real wood fire. You’re not at an expensive steak house. You’re in your own yard, relaxing in your custom outdoor kitchen.

The Leader in Outdoor Kitchens

Our exclusive focus on outdoor cooking and entertaining allows us to deliver beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens that consistently set the standard for innovation, quality and performance. From the best grills on the planet to professional outdoor refrigeration, our outdoor kitchen appliances and products are carefully designed to help you build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. What’s more, thoughtful features like the weather-tight design of our outdoor kitchen cabinets, the hassle-free cleaning of our grills and our customizable cooking surfaces make these high end kitchen appliances a joy to use.

Our superior design and craftsmanship is founded on a tradition of sheet metal expertise that goes back more than 100 years. Every Kalamazoo product is custom-engineered from the ground up to perform outdoors, and hand-crafted from the highest quality materials and components to last a lifetime in any environment.

Professional Hybrid Grills

Recognized by the Best

Top chefs, industry experts and respected media like The New York Times, Forbes Life and Food & Wine magazine have all singled out Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet for our exceptional line of outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinetry.

Whether you dream of an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities or simply want the ultimate grill for your patio, we offer unparalleled options to suit your lifestyle.

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