Product Care

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven Care and Cleaning Guide

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is crafted from high-quality stainless steel and is built to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Read on for usage and cleaning tips to ensure your pizza oven performs at its optimal level.


Your Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is made from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel that is very resistant to corrosion. However, the stainless steel may discolor; a common condition due to extreme heat.

Cleaning the pizza oven’s exterior

  1. Always make sure to wait until the oven has completely cooled before cleaning.

  2. Use an environmentally-friendly and biodegradable cleaner such as Simple Green™ BBQ Cleaner. They offer a general-purpose cleaner as well as a concentrated degreaser. Spray on and then wipe off with soft shop towels. A little elbow grease will remove most stains and debris. Be careful not to jolt or damage the soft rubber button for the ignition. 

  3. For any trouble spots, such as burnt-on oils, sauce or drippings, use Bar Keepers Friend® powder cleanser. This product is abrasive, so be careful when using it. Scrub with the grain of the stainless to remove stains. Bar Keepers Friend can even remove the light bronze-tinted appearance that results from extreme heat discoloring the stainless steel. Follow the instructions on the canister then rinse off any residue with water. 

  4. Tougher stains or rust spots can generally be removed with our Scratch-B-Gone Kit

  5. Use stainless steel polish such as Claire's to remove any remaining cleaner residue and to shine the oven.

Recommendations for Oceanfront environments

Outdoor kitchen equipment in environments with salt air and sea spray will require regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent rust. For maximum corrosion and stain resistance of your products, we highly recommend cleaning the stainless steel at least twice a month.


 Brushing or scraping debris off the baking deck is sufficient to clean your pizza oven with normal use. A long-handled, push-broom style brush, like the one in our Pizza Making Essentials Kit is best. Brush debris to the front of the baking deck and down into the debris tray below the front slot. Wait until the oven has cooled completely before emptying the debris tray.

For a more thorough cleaning

  1. Remove the roof by lifting it off and setting aside.

  2. Remove the ceiling stone and set aside.

  3. Lift out the mid section (the primary cooking chamber) and set it upside down on a steady surface. 

  4. You can remove the baking deck and heat baffles to clean out any debris that may have accumulated in the base of the oven over time. We recommend flipping over the baking deck piece periodically. When the tops get dirty, turn them over so they can burn clean. Repeat as needed.

  5. With access to the interior of the mid layer, you can now clean the inside walls of the oven following the exterior cleaning instructions above.

  6. Carefully re-assemble the oven according to the owner's manual.

A few things to avoid when cleaning your pizza oven

  • Never use steel wool or standard steel brushes on any stainless steel part of your oven. This will cause your oven to rust. 

  • Never use chemicals to clean your baking deck or use cleaning products on a hot oven.


Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Ovens do not require any particular winterization, but we recommend that you turn off the gas supply if the oven won’t be used for longer than a month. We also recommend protecting the pizza oven with a cover like the Kalamazoo Sunbrella Cover that lets moisture escape, to keep it clean.

Here are some additional care tips when preparing for the cooler months: 

  • Clean the exterior of the oven with a degreaser such as Simple Green™ BBQ Cleaner, followed by stainless steel polish such as Claire's. Burnt-on sauce or grease on the exterior of the oven or interior of the door can be removed with a Scratch-B-Gone kit.

  • Use a brass brush to remove any debris from the baking stone, brushing it off to the sides of the oven. 

  • Empty the crumb tray located at the bottom of your pizza oven.

For more specific instructions on burner or office cleaning, and emptying the crumb tray, refer to the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven Use & Care Manual.

To learn more about winterizing your full outdoor kitchen, visit our complete guide here.