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The New Pinnacle of Outdoor Cooking

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Feel the adrenaline, as the fire literally roars. Sounds and smells of grilling fill your senses. It’s just you and the finest grill hands can build. This experience will fundamentally change how you cook outdoors—and you will never want to go back.

The Hybrid Fire Grill

World’s highest-performance grill. period.

Discover Hybrid

The Gaucho Grill

Defining the relationship of motion to flame.

Discover Gaucho

The Echo Gas-Fired Grill

It yields to nothing.
Except you.

Discover Echo

The Shokunin Kamado Grill

All that makes Kamado grills great, made our way.

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The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

The alfresco pizza oven worthy of Napoli.

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A Category Of One.

Versatile, innovative, built to last decades—everything is designed to help you do the best outdoor cooking of your life. These are the only grills of their kind in the world.

Every grill begins as sheet metal in skilled hands.

Our nation’s best craftspeople bend, weld, finish and assemble your grill with the attention to detail you’d expect from people who think of themselves as carrying on a proud tradition.

“Kalamazoo has changed the way I cook outdoors.”

Chef Rick Bayless

“High design and engineering meet primal smoke and fire.”

Author Steven raichlen

“My Kalamazoo kitchen has become the heart of the house during the warmer months.”

client Gwyneth Paltrow 

“Welcome to the best of all meat-charring worlds.”

GQ magazine 

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