Mint Chocolate Chip Stouch Cocktail

Fire Up Your Grill For Saint Patrick’s Day

Lauren Jones, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 03/14/2013 | Grilling

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet we never miss an opportunity to gather our friends and family and fire up the grill. Celebrate the patron saint of Ireland with a traditional Irish feast. We found an incredible Corned Beef Burger recipe that’s perfect for the occasion. The wonderfully salty corned beef is balanced nicely by the creaminess of the avocado while freshly grated horseradish adds a little heat to the mayo. Top with some melted Swiss cheese and you’ll have yourself a crowd pleaser. Grillmaster Russ has also shared his take on a boozy Irish milkshake – the Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Stout. The creamy, full bodied stout pairs perfectly with the rich chocolate flavor and sweet malted milk while the mint gives the drink a refreshing twist.

Corned beef burger, photo by


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