Top 6 Outdoor Cooking Accessories for Summer

May 30, 2017
By Morgan Bergren, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

As the days get longer and temperatures start to warm up, all of us here at Kalamazoo are looking forward to cooking outdoors as much as possible – and we hope you are, too. It’s the perfect time to make sure your outdoor cooking space is well stocked with all the essential accessories and tools that make summer grilling and pizza-making tastier, easier, and more relaxing. Read on for the top seven tools and accessories that every outdoor cook should have on hand!

1. The Kalamazoo Grill Grate Scraper

Our exclusive hardwood grill grate cleaning tool is the only scraper you need this grilling season. Ideal for our custom laser-cut grill grates, this scraper will also mold to the shape of any standard rod grate for the cleanest scrape every time.

2. Custom Grill Grates

Our laser cut grill grates are optimized for vegetables, meat, and fish. The vegetable grill grate is specially designed to prevent small, thin vegetables like asparagus or green beans from falling through the grates – no grill basket required. The fish grill surface pattern has a larger solid surface area that’s ideal for cooking delicate fish fillets, blackening fish, and “pan searing” steaks. To maximize exposure to the flames, use the meat grill surface with any type of meat – especially burgers or other meats that are handled with a flat turner. Add one of each to your Kalamazoo grill to elevate a wide variety of grilling recipes, or get a custom-designed grill grate personalized with your initials, logo, or other artwork. Want to see our grates in action? Watch as Chef Rick Bayless explains how each grate works.

Custom Grill Surfaces on the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

3. Steak Champ Electric Steak Thermometer

Cook every steak to the perfect doneness with the Steak Champ Electric Steak Thermometer. Simply leave the Steak Champ in each steak throughout the cooking process and the LED indicator will let you know when the steak is at your preferred temperature. (Check out our video on how to grill the perfect steak for more secrets to success.) Leave the Steak Champ in while the steak rests and you’ll know exactly when it’s ready to serve!

Steak Champ Electric Grill Thermometer

4. Smoker Pellets

Stock up on our premium hardwood pellets for all of your smoking needs. Choose from cherry, hickory, or a 40/60 blend of pecan and oak and use our pellets in smoker boxes, pellet grills, or our Smoker Pellet Grill Insert for the Hybrid Fire Grill. Before you start cooking, check out our Smoking Techniques Guide for our top smoking tips.

5. Pizza Master’s Essential Accessories

The right tools make cooking pizzas outdoors a simple pleasure. Arm yourself with a set of everything you need for perfect pies: two different peels, a brass cleaning brush, a pizza screen, and stacking dough boxes all come in this essential set.

Pizza Master's Essential Accessories

6. Sunbrella Grill & Pizza Oven Covers

After cleaning and restoring your outdoor cooking equipment, check your cover for any damage that may necessitate replacing it. Our heavy-duty cover has a tailored, custom fit to repel stains, moisture, and mildew.