Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts - Set of Two

Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts - Set of Two

Custom smoker pellet insert trays for the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts allow you to use your Hybrid Fire Grill as a smoker to cook traditional American Barbecue. The inserts fit neatly inside the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer and can be filled with Premium Wood Barbecue Pellets. The pellets produce ample, flavorful wood smoke. Create traditional barbecue flavors by using two trays (recommended), or use one tray to infuse food with a more subtle smoky flavor. When the Smoker Pellet Grill Insert is fully loaded with wood pellets it will generate a generous amount of smoke for up to six hours. Very little additional heat is needed to generate smoke, making the heat easy to control throughout the cooking process.

To use, simply light one end of the channel of pellets with a torch, and then blow out the fire. The pellets will smolder slowly from one end to the other while billowing smoke. Left on, the ignition burner inside your grill will provide enough supplemental heat to generate ample amounts of smoke.   

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Product Details

  • Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts are sold in sets of two (per recommended use).
  • Stainless steel grill inserts are designed to fit in the valleys of the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer.
  • Grill inserts are designed to be filled with wood pellets for smoking.
  • One fully loaded tray will generate ample flavorful smoke for up to four hours with very little supplemental heat.
  • For traditional barbecue flavor we recommend using two trays. One insert can be used to achieve a subtle smoke flavor.
  • When using two inserts, we recommend placing them on opposite sides of the grill.
  • Designed for use with all K500, K750 and K1000 Hybrid Fire Grills. If you plan on using this product with an older model Hybrid Fire Grill please contact a Kalamazoo representative for further information prior to purchasing.
  • View instructions for use.

Premium Wood Smoker Pellets

  • Premium Wood Pellets are available in pairs of five pound tins for an additional $55.
  • All Kalamazoo Wood Pellets are made from 100% premium hardwood with no fillers.
  • Varieties available include
    • 100% Cherry
    • 100% Hickory
    • 40/60 blend of Pecan and Oak
  • Premium Wood Smoker Pellets can be purchased here.
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