The Kamado Charcoal Grill

The Shokunin Kamado Grill

Meet Kalamazoo's newest grilling innovation: the Shokunin. Named after the Japanese word for master of one’s profession, a craftsman or an artisan, the Shokunin celebrates the best of Kamado-style grilling. Kalamazoo took design principles of a traditional kamado grill and broadened its capabilities to create better, more even heat distribution, expand the available cooking surface, and increase the number of cooking levels to maximize the grilling experience. 


Explore the Shokunin's Exclusive Features

  • Greater Distance Between Food + Fire for Better Smoking Results
    The grill body is longer than a traditional Kamado so that the fire can be built further below the food. The increased distance between the food and fire delivers a more gentle and even cooking heat, ideal for smoking incredible barbecue.  
  • Greater Cooking Versatility 
    Build the charcoal fire on one of the adjustable fire grates to control your cooking temperatures. Move the fire to one of three positions to increase or decrease the distance between the food on your grilling grate. The highest position for the fire grate places your food just inches above the smoking charcoal for searing intense heat. 
  • Cook with an Offset Fire with Ease
    The Shokunin has been designed to help you perfect the “sear and slide” technique for the ultimate steak as the rectangular shape of the grill is better suited for multi-zone and offset fires. 
  • Insulated for Maximum Heat Retention
    Two inches of insulation between the stainless steel walls increase the Shokunin’s heat retention and cooking efficiency while keeping the grill cool to the touch. You can expect five hours of cooking time per pound of charcoal when cooking at barbecue temperatures. That’s 40 hours of cooking with eight pounds of charcoal.
  • Unique Cross Ventilation System for Precise Cooking Control
    The cross-ventilation air control system is unique to the Shokunin. With four air shutters - two on the base of the grill and two on the lid - you can control temperature with more precision and draw smoke across food for enhanced flavor. Open the bottom vents to pull air in and the top vents to exhaust smoke out.
  • Sophisticated Aesthetic, Designed to Match the Full Kalamazoo Collection
    The sleek, sophisticated design mirrors our other grills and stainless steel cabinets. The Shokunin takes cues from high-end furnishings to seamlessly fit into any backyard. It is available in two different ipe wood finishes: oiled ipe (pictured), or natural ipe.

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