The Kamado Charcoal Grill

The Shokunin: Coming Soon

Meet Kalamazoo's newest grilling innovation: the Shokunin. Named after the Japanese word for master of one’s profession, a craftsman or an artisan, the Shokunin is the next evolution of kamado grills.

The Next Evolution in Kamado Grills

The Shokunin redefines the industry standards for this style of outdoor cooking.  Kalamazoo took the best design principles of a traditional kamado grill and broadened its capabilities to create better, more even heat distribution, expand the available cooking surface, and increase the number of cooking levels to maximize the grilling experience. 

Explore the Shokunin's Exclusive Features

  • The 18 x 24-inch rectangular grilling area expands the size of the cooking surface and makes cooking with an offset fire much easier.
  • The solid stainless-steel construction includes two layers of stainless and two inches of insulation weighing in at more than 250 pounds. This creates more efficient heat than a traditional ceramic Kamado grill, using less charcoal, especially during longer cooks. 
  • The multi-tiered fire grate can be placed in three different positions for different cooking styles. The lowest position provides gentle heat, ideal for smoking. The middle position is perfect for roasting. The top position is ideal for traditional charcoal grilling like searing steaks or burgers.
  • The grill is accented with an ipe wood frame and handles. Accessory shelves and trays clip onto the frame for convenience.

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