Smoker Cabinets

Make Traditional American Barbecue at Home with the Smoker Cabinet

The Charcoal Smoker Cabinet by Kalamazoo

Our new Smoker Cabinet brings charcoal smoking innovation into the outdoor kitchen. The stainless steel undercounter cabinet design mirrors the sleek lines of our outdoor cabinetry collection while offering the primal experience and incredible flavors that can only be achieved by a live fire.

Top barbecue circuit competitors swear by gravity-feed charcoal smokers for good reason. The sealed charcoal system and heavily insulated design simplify temperature control and deliver efficient heat. Thanks to thoughtful engineering, a single seven-pound load of charcoal can maintain an ideal 225°F smoking temperature for up to 16 hours.

The Smoker Cabinet is available in freestanding version on wheels (as shown below), and a built-in version. Now you can cook traditional, live fire barbecue in a real smoker that looks right at home in the most sophisticated outdoor kitchen designs.

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  1. Built-in Smoker Cabinet


  2. Freestanding Smoker Cabinet



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