What is a Hybrid Fire Grill?

Gas, Charcoal and Wood - All in One Incredible Grill

Luxury high-performance barbecue

Gas, Wood and Charcoal – All in One Incredible Grill

The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the only grill of its kind. It can cook with gas, wood and charcoal – interchangeably, and in any combination. Why choose between fuels when you can have all three? When using gas alone, the Hybrid has been reviewed as “the best gas grill in the world” by noted grilling expert Derrick Riches. To grill with wood or charcoal, simply open the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer and load it with your choice of fuel. Then, turn on the powerful gas burners that sit below the drawer to get the fire started.

The Hybrid Fire Grill can reach temperatures as low as 250 degrees, and in excess of 1000 degrees. This means ultimate cooking versatility. Sear, roast and smoke, all on the same grill. Every single Kalamazoo grill is made by hand by master craftsmen in Michigan, to ensure superior quality and performance.    

Watch the video below to see Chef Rick Bayless explain the Hybrid Fire Grill.

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Powerful Gas Grill Burners

Cast bronze Dragon Burners deliver the heat below the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers. These grill burners have walls more than 1/8-inch thick for superior durability (each burner weighs 14 pounds). Because the gas grill burners do their work below the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers, they are designed to shed charcoal and wood ash, and the burner ports are protected below an overhang cast into burner. This helps protect the ports from clogging.

The Best Gas Grill: Powerful Dragon Burners

"The Kalamazoo K750HT is the best gas grill in the world. The cooking system of this grill is unlike anything else I have cooked on."
— Derrick Riches, derrickriches.com

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Exclusive Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers

Leave the drawer empty for gas-fired grilling, and a Kalamazoo grill is the best gas grill available. The perforations and the surface angles within the drawers have been carefully designed to diffuse the heat from the gas burners below.

Add charcoal or wood to the drawers for solid-fuel grilling. The gas grill burners below will quickly start the fire. They can then be turned off for pure charcoal and wood cooking experiences, or they can be left on to supplement the heat when using smaller loads, or when the fire begins to die. You can't beat the flavor of a live wood fire.

The Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer - Wood, Gas and Charcoal Grilling.

"This grill is impeccably machined and assembled with the best materials available..."
— Josh Ozersky, The Wall Street Journal

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How the hybrid grill drawers work:

  • Leave the grill drawer(s) empty and your Kalamazoo is the ultimate gas grill.
  • Place a full load of charcoal in the hybrid grill drawer(s), light the gas burners and let them get the charcoal fire started. Once the charcoal is lit, turn off the burners and enjoy the pure charcoal grilling experience for the perfect steak. As the fire dies, you can either load more charcoal or simply turn the gas grill burners back on to supplement the heat.
  • Burn wood chunks, tree limbs or split logs in the hybrid grill drawer for amazing wood-fired flavor, or use a mixture of wood chunks and charcoal for great flavor from the wood and sustained heat from the charcoal.
  • Place foil packets of wet wood chips in the grill drawer to use your Kalamazoo hybrid grill for smoking. You can load more wood chips without having to open the hood, which is great for traditional American barbecue. You can use the heat from a dying charcoal fire or simply run a single burner on low underneath the wood chips.

A Kalamazoo grill provides the ultimate in cooking:

  • Direct grilling above the heat from the gas grill burners or a live fire at temperatures from 350ºF to more than 1,000ºF.
  • Indirect grilling or roasting next to the heat from the gas grill burners or a live fire at temperatures from 200ºF to more than 700ºF. A whole, butterflied chicken can be roasted to perfection on a Kalamazoo Grill in just 35 minutes at a temperature of 500ºF.
  • "Low and slow" smoking at temperatures from 200ºF to 300ºF or smoke roasting at temperatures from 350ºF to 650ºF.
  • Reference our grilling guides to get the most out of your Kalamazoo grill. Sear a thick steak or chop over a hot, live wood fire for 1 to 2 minutes. Then move it to an indirect heat zone and let it coast up to temperature for 20 minutes while bathed in wood smoke.

What Makes a Kalamazoo Grill Different From the Competition?

It is more than just the ability to grill with charcoal and wood in addition to gas. Kalamazoo's high end grills are different from the ground-up. Literally. All Kalamazoo outdoor grill designs extend to the ground to make room for the deep firebox design — even in our built-in grill models. The superior heat dynamics improve performance for a wide variety of outdoor cooking techniques.

Compare Kalamazoo stainless steel grills to the competition. The differences are numerous — especially the ability to cook with charcoal and wood — but focus for a moment on the design of the fire box and the benefits it delivers for grilling with gas alone. We believe the key to great grilling is to open up the space inside the grill, especially below the grill grate. On most competitor grills, the distance from the grate to the bottom of the grill is less than 10 inches. In a Kalamazoo, the floor pan of the grill is 29 inches away, That's nearly three times the height. The additional space enhances heat dynamics for conventional grilling and creates a convection effect for roasting and smoking. Kalamazoo high-end grills have been called "the best gas grill in the world."

Pushing the burners farther below the grill grate will create more even heat at the grill grate. Our burners are more than 9 inches below the grate for even cooking throughout the grill, and we still deliver higher cooking temperatures than the competition.

How does the Hybrid Fire Grill work

Another advantage of the spacious Kalamazoo fire box is minimizing flare-ups. Flare-ups happen when drippings from the food contact a hot surface and ignite. The lower you can push the first hot surface below the grill grate, the less likely it is that flare-ups will reach back to the food above. The heat diffusing layer in a Kalamazoo is more than 5 inches below the food. Competitors place this hot surface as little as 1 inch away.

Finally, we take advantage of the additional space by giving you a much more effective cleanout bin. The grease tray in competitor's grills are like shallow cookie sheets. They can be very difficult to handle, especially with a little rain water in the mix. The Kalamazoo cleanout bin is ample, deep and very easy to handle.

"The kind of performance I normally only find in restaurant kitchens."
— Chef Michael Chiarello

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Take a Deeper Look Inside the Kalamazoo Grill

Rollover or touch the dots for information on some key features of the Hybrid Fire Grill.

Charcoal, gas and wood hybrid grill
Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer
Leave the drawer empty for gas-fired cooking, or load with charcoal and/or wood for live-fire cooking. The burners below will quickly start the fire.
Superior Heat Dynamics
The expanded firebox creates larger air volumes above and below the heat source for more dynamic heat circulation.
Powerful Gas Burners
Lead-free cast brass burners deliver serious heat and weigh in at 14 pounds each. The special shape is designed to shed ash falling from the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer above.
Expanded Firebox
The firebox in a Kalamazoo grill extends far below the burners for superior heat dynamics. The large volume of air below the heat source creates a more even heat.
Ample Clean-out Bin
Large and convenient bin for easy cleanup. Ash and other debris funnel down through the expanded firebox and into the stainless steel bin.
Airflow Control Hood
For live-fire cooking, open the vent to raise the temperature and close it to lower the temperature.

Custom Stainless Steel Grill Grates

We laser-cut 1/4 inch thick slabs of stainless steel to create custom grill grates in three patterns optimized for different types of cooking. These heavy grates deliver grill marks quickly and the sheer mass means cold food won't cool down a hot grate — and that means the food is much less likely to stick. We offer special patterns for grilling vegetables, fish and meat (shown from left to right below). Mix and match the surfaces you like. You can even have them personalized with your initials, logo or other artwork.

Custom Stainless Steel Grilling Surfaces

"...what could this one possibly do that would make it worth as much as a new car? The answer is simple — it does everything better."
— Larry Olmsted, Forbes

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Meticulous Craftsmanship and Awesome Durability

Every Kalamazoo stainless steel grill is formed, welded, finished and assembled by hand at our plant in Michigan from heavy-gauge stainless steel. There is more than 43 linear feet of welding in one K750HB Hybrid Fire Built-in Grill — all TIG welded and finished by hand. Our dedicated craftspeople have spent many years perfecting their skills. We take so much pride in our work that the team members who build each grill sign their names inside the cabinet door. When you choose Kalamazoo, you are purchasing a fine piece of American craftsmanship.

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Stainless Steel Options: Greater Design Choice

Kalamazoo grills are made from extremely durable 304 stainless steel. Our products are built by hand in Michigan, and rigorously tested in harsh outdoor climates to ensure they will stand up to a lifetime of use and enjoyment. For clients who prefer additional corrosion resistance, we will build any Kalamazoo grill from marine-grade stainless steel sheet metal.


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