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The Best Premium Built-in Grills

Kalamazoo built-in grills are designed and built differently from the ground up, for the best possible performance and durability and to ensure a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Each built-in grill has a unique deep firebox design that extends from the grill grate all the way to the ground, creating more airflow for improved heat circulation. It is this innovative engineering, paired with the finest American craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail, that makes a Kalamazoo the best premium built-in grill available. Our two distinct grill models, the Hybrid Fire Grill and the Gaucho Grill, are available in various sizes to meet your needs.


Take a Closer Look at Our Premium Built-in Grills

  • Exclusive Gas Burners
    Every Kalamazoo built-in grill is equipped with robust gas burners that have been custom designed and fitted for the most even heat possible. Each proprietary Kalamazoo Dragon Burner is cast from 14 pounds of bronze for extreme durability and heat delivery.
  • Exceptional American Craftsmanship
    Our dedicated master craftsmen bend, weld, finish and assemble each built-in grill by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is this level of skill and attention to detail that ensures superior performance and quality.
  • Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Built-In Grills
    We can build any Kalamazoo grill from marine-grade stainless steel for clients who require additional corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless Steel Grill Levelling Legs
    Every built-in grill comes equipped with stainless steel levelling legs to ensure installation is as seamless as possible.

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