The Best Grills in the World are Made by Kalamazoo

The Best High-performance Professional Grills

Kalamazoo is renowned for making the most rugged, high-performance grills on earth. Each grill is designed with intent, put through a rigorous development process, and then crafted by hand from the finest materials. Durability is built into our products with more welding, stainless steel, brass and bronze than any other grill.  Each stainless steel grill is built to order by skilled artisans who are proud to sign their name to every piece. Before shipping, we test-fire and triple-inspect your grill to ensure it meets our exacting standards. Simply put, this is the ultimate professional grill. 

What Makes a Kalamazoo Grill the Best Professional Grill?

Superior Grill Engineering

Kalamazoo grills are built differently, from the ground up - literally. The firebox has been expanded vertically to allow for more airflow. The result is a grill with more even and dynamic heat - which is why a Kalamazoo grill excels not only at grilling, but also at searing, roasting and smoking.

Outstanding American Craftsmanship

At Kalamazoo, we believe in building only the best. Kalamazoo stainless steel grills are hand-crafted, one at a time, utilizing more material and more welding than any other grill. The sheer heft of a Kalamazoo grill allows it to hold even heat for longer in addition to ensuring lasting durability.

Three Distinct Lines of High-Performance Stainless Steel Grills

  • The Hybrid Fire Grill 
    More than 20 years ago, Kalamazoo introduced the world to the first hybrid grill able to cook with gas, wood and charcoal. Its cooking prowess remains unrivaled. The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the best and most versatile gas grill on the planet.
  • The Gaucho Grill
    The Argentinian-style Gaucho Grill was born out of the same spirit of innovation. The robust gas starter system can start a roaring wood fire within minutes, combining the best of modern design with a primal form of live-fire cooking. A 30-inch spoked wheel effortlessly raises and lowers food above the flames, giving you ultimate cooking control.   
  • The Shokunin
    The Shokunin redefines Kamado-style cooking. The eye-catching design innovates on best-in-class Kamado principles to make it the star of the show. The Shokunin’s thoughtful engineering gives you added cooking versatility, increased control over air flow and more even heat distribution.

All Kalamazoo Grills are Available in Marine-Grade Stainless Steel

Kalamazoo grills are made from the highest quality, most durable 304 stainless steel. Our products are designed specifically for the outdoors and rigorously tested in harsh outdoor climates to ensure they will stand up to a lifetime of use and enjoyment. For clients who prefer additional corrosion resistance, we will build any grill from marine-grade stainless steel sheet metal.

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