Margherita Pizza from Don Antionio's

Your Guide to Pizza Margherita by Roberto Caporuscio

Lauren Jones, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 07/08/2013 | Food and Drink

Making perfect Neapolitan pizza is an art that takes practice and skill to master. Pizzaiolo and good friend of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Robert Caporuscio, shows you how to make an authentic pizza Margherita in his instructional video Master Class: Roberto Caporuscio Makes Neapolitan Pizza. Roberto has dedicated his life to making phenomenal pizzas, and we’ve had the good fortune to taste them on many occasions.

It may seem like a simple process but several crucial details go into making the perfect Neapolitan pizza. Roberto shows how to shape the dough to avoid bruising, resulting in a chewy, crisp crust with just the right amount of leoparding. Roberto insists on using simple, vibrant red tomato sauce (check out our recipe for raw tomato sauce), fragrant basil and fresh, creamy mozzarella. He also explains the importance of the right tools, and a searing hot oven. 

For a little taste of Naples stateside, pay a visit to Roberto’s Michelin rated restaurant Don Antonio by Starita in New York City.


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