Grill Roasted Turkey

Your Guide to Delicious Grill-Roasted Turkey

Lauren Jones, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 01/30/2015 | Grilling

Nothing can compare to the incredible flavors you can create on a grill. Which is why we firmly believe that smoke-roasting your Thanksgiving turkey is the best way to go. When cooked right, your bird will be succulent, juicy, and infused with a delicious smoky wood flavor. In a recent blog post grilling expert Steven Raichlen shared his tips on how to smoke-roast your turkey to perfection on both charcoal and gas grills. And for a grilled turkey recipe that’s sure to impress every last one of your guests see Chef Rick Bayless’s recipe for his Brined Turkey with Red Chile Adobo Sauce and Jícama-Cranberry Relish.


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