Gift idea: Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

The Kalamazoo Holiday Gift Guide: Our Top 10 Gifts

Morgan Bergren, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 12/13/2016 |

Celebrate the holidays with gifts that will really impress. Whether you’re shopping for a serious grillmaster, a grilling newbie, the man who has everything, or those who deserve only the best, you’ll find something for everyone in our holiday gift guide.

#1: The Hybrid Fire Grill

The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill is the ultimate grill for anyone who loves to cook outdoors. The revolutionary, one-of-a-kind design allows you to cook with gas, charcoal, wood, or a combination across the entire grilling surface. The Hybrid Fire Grill can reach temperatures as low as 250° and in excess of 1000°, making it perfect for those who like to experiment with cooking techniques. Choose from built-in and freestanding models in a range of sizes and capacities. You can always contact us if you need help deciding which one to give.

#2: Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts

Smoker pellet insert for Kalamazoo grills

Is there an American barbecue enthusiast on your list this year? Kalamazoo’s Smoker Pellet Grill Inserts fit neatly in the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer to transform the Hybrid Fire Grill into a low-and-slow smoker. A fully loaded Smoker Pellet Grill Insert will generate six hours’ worth of generous wood smoke for tasty barbecue experiences.

#3: Premium Wood Pellets

Smoker pellets in the smoker pellet insert

Designed for use with the Smoker Pellet Grill Insert, these pellets are made from 100% premium hardwood with no fillers. Choose from 100% cherry, 100% hickory, or a 40/60% blend of pecan and oak wood to create the flavorful wood smoke that is the hallmark of American barbecue!

#4: The Exclusive Kalamazoo Great Scrape Tool

Kalamazoo's exclusive Great Scrape tool

This large, sturdy grill scraper is an essential tool for every grill enthusiast. The ingenious design and larger size allows for comfortable, two-handed leverage – even when cleaning the back corners of large Kalamazoo grills. Made from kiln-dried oak, it will outlast any other grill brush on the market with absolutely no risk of leaving bristles behind.

#5: Custom Grill Surfaces

Custom grilling grates for Kalamazoo grills

Upgrade a Kalamazoo grill’s professional-grade stainless steel rod surfaces with new laser-cut, quarter-inch-thick slab surfaces. Optimized for grilling meat, fish, or vegetables, you can mix and match depending on what the gift recipient likes to grill. You can even order them personalized with initials, logos, or other artwork!

#6: The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Kalamazoo's Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Kalamazoo’s outdoor gas pizza oven is easy to use and makes outstanding artisan pizzas in your own backyard. The unique design mimics the heat of a wood-fired pizza oven while giving you the precise control and responsiveness that you can’t get from a wood-fired pizza oven. This model sits on the outdoor countertop and is easy to add to any existing outdoor kitchen.

#7: The Pizza Master’s Essential Accessories

Essential pizza making tools

Professional chefs in Italy and around the world use the pizza-making tools included in this curated collection, so you know that the pizza master in your life will appreciate it. Two pizza peels, a screen, dough boxes, a scraper, and a cleaning brush have all been hand-selected and tested by Kalamazoo’s grill master, Russ Faulk.

#8: The Gaucho Grill

Kalamazoo's wood-fired Gaucho Grill

Kalamazoo’s Gaucho Grill is a showstopper in any outdoor kitchen! Designed for the serious live-fire cooking enthusiast, this incredible grill is wood-fired in the Argentinean style with additional modern conveniences you won’t find anywhere else. A powerful gas starter system gets the cooking fire going quickly and easily. A motorized rotisserie spit raises and lowers with an ingenious chain-driven mechanism. And the ash collection system takes the hassle out of cleaning up, so every wood-fired cooking experience is a joy.

#9: The Grill Master’s Essential Accessories

Essential grilling accessories

This is the ultimate set of tools for every grilling enthusiast! Extra-long grilling tongs with a precise grip give you the dexterity you need when handling small or delicate foods. Premium soft-suede grilling gloves offer a durable layer of protection from the fire. And a comfortable, classic pinstripe apron completes the look.

#10: The Steak Champ Thermometer

The ultimate grill thermometer

Grilling a steak to perfect doneness isn’t easy – unless you have this unique, German-made thermometer. Different colored lights will tell you when the steak is medium-rare, medium, or medium-well, so you know exactly when to pull the steak off the grill. Leave the thermometer in place while the steak rests and the light will stop flashing when it’s time to eat!


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