Paul Kahan Cosmo Goss Cookbook Release Party

Paul Kahan Cookbook Release Party

Jennifer Rounds, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 09/29/2017 | Food and Drink

This past Thursday night, Chef Paul Kahan hosted a special event at our culinary center in Chicago to celebrate the release of his new cookbook, Cheers to the Publican. Kahan wrote the cookbook with Cosmo Goss, Executive Chef of The Publican and Rachel Holtzman, writer, editor and recipe tester.

This new cookbook dives into the inspiration behind some of Kahan’s most famous recipes from The Publican, including the bread-and-butter pickles used at his restaurants. A noteworthy perspective of this book is how he highlights the unique ingredients from local farmers and celebrates people that helped create the dishes.

cheers to the publican cookbook

Cheers to the Publican cookbooks 

Paul and his team invited some close friends and industry folks to spend the night mingling and enjoying some of the dishes from the book. Guests sampled five recipes from Cheers to the Publican prepared by local chefs from The Publican. Chefs cooked and grilled their dishes on a variety of Kalamazoo equipment so guests got up close and personal with the chefs and food.

And speaking of food…

The first notable dish was ham chop “in hay” cooked using two different methods. Some ham chops were cooked on the Gaucho Wood-fired Grill, while others were started in the gravity-fed  charcoal Smoker Cabinet to infuse wood smoke flavor, then finished in the Built-In Artisan Fire Pizza Oven for a delicious all-over sear. To complete the dish, the ham chop was sliced and served with fresh peaches and dandelion greens then lightly dressed with a poppy seed vinaigrette.

ham chop

Ham chop "in hay" dish with peaches, dandelion greens and a poppy seed vinaigrette 

The next dish that tempted guests was the barbecue carrots. The carrots were first coated in a brown sugar based BBQ rub before cooking on the Gaucho Wood-fired Grill. The heat from the wood fire caramelized the outside of the carrots, delivering incredible flavor. After a few minutes, they were plated and served with fresh dill and drizzled with a creamy herb dressing.

Cookbook Release Party Chef Recipes

A chef from The Publican preparing and presenting food for guests

Continuing with another veggie dish, the chefs highlighted the grilled cucumbers that are currently on the all-day menu at Publican Anker. The cucumbers were charred on the Hybrid Fire Grill, then covered with olive oil and pepitas. They were ladled over some fresh burrata and served alongside crusty fresh bread from Publican Quality Bread that had been brushed with olive oil and lightly grilled on the Gaucho Wood-fired Grill.

grilled cucumber dish

Grilled cucumbers dish served with burrata 

Another stand out dish was the pork country ribs. Kahan and his team started the ribs on the Hybrid Fire Grill over direct heat to develop a nice sear. They then brushed on a marinade during the cooking process. The ribs were served alongside a salad of fresh yellow watermelon and sungold tomatoes dressed in honey, olive oil and champagne vinegar. 

pork country ribs dish

Pork country ribs dish with sungold tomatos and yellow watermelon 

The sweet ending to the night included an assortment of fresh baked cookies, nutter buddies and rice krispies from The Publican’s Executive Pastry Chef, Dana Cree. All of the treats were served in ornate glass cookie jars in the shape of a strawberry, pig or squirrel on each table.

paul kahan cookbook release party

Guests interacting with chefs, reading Cheers to the Publican and sampling dishes 

From the food to the space to the people, everyone enjoyed themselves while celebrating the wonderful accomplishment of Paul, Cosmo and Rachel. We are grateful to support the thriving chefs of Chicago and all their achievements including Paul Kahan and his team. Pick up the cookbook for yourself in stores now or online!

Cheers to the Publican!   


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