Amazing Pizzas at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic

Lauren Jones, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 07/17/2015 | Food and Drink

Every June the who’s who of the culinary world descends upon the idyllic town of Aspen to take part in the annual Food & Wine Classic. The weekend is a three day extravaganza of gourmet tastings of food from the world’s most talented chef’s, and samplings of an incredible variety of outstanding wine and spirits. And all of this set against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountain range that surrounds the ­picturesque town of Aspen.

Looking Up from the Aspen Food and Wine Classic

Day one of the Aspen Food and Wine Classic

This year renowned pizza chef Roberto Caporuscio was one of a select group of chefs that cooked for the Food & Wine Classic Grand Tasting sessions. Roberto fell in love with our outdoor Artisan Fire Pizza Oven several years ago, and has been a good friend of Kalamazoo ever since. So when Roberto requested to use our pizza oven to cook with in Aspen, we were more than happy to accommodate him.

Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic

The Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Roberto and his daughter Giorgia Caporuscio make some of the best pizza’s we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. The Urbani Porcini Truffle, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Pizza they served in Aspen was a little slice of heaven. The dough was cooked to perfection in the Kalamazoo pizza oven, yielding crusts that had the ideal combination of crispiness, and chewy, pillowy softness. Word spread quickly, and almost immediately people swarmed our booth, waiting patiently for their taste of Roberto’s pizza – many of them exclaiming “my husband /wife/friend told me I MUST try this pizza!”

Urbani Porcini Truffle Pizza

Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio’s Urbani Porcini Truffle, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Pizza hot out of the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven.

If you weren’t lucky enough to sample Roberto’s pizza in Aspen, we highly recommend dining at his acclaimed New York City restaurants Don Antonio by Starita, and Kesté. If you find yourself in the city, it’s a must! 

Lined up for pizza at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic

You know you’re serving some seriously good pizza when your line is longer than the Armand de Brignac Champagne tasting line at the booth next door! 

If you want to see more pictures from our weekend in Aspen, check out our Facebook gallery


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