Why Kalamazoo

Discover the Kalamazoo Difference

At Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, we believe that the best meals are created outdoors. Our passion for outdoor cooking drove us to create the most exceptional outdoor kitchens on earth.  Designed with intent, and then crafted by hand from the finest materials, each product is the result of a rigorous development and engineering process. Durability is built into our products, with more welding, stainless steel, brass and bronze than you will find in any other outdoor kitchen. Our attention to detail is unmatched, giving each product a flawless finish and powerful performance that lets you cook in ways you’ve never imagined. When you walk into a Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet kitchen, you will see and feel the difference. And so will your guests.

Pioneers of the Best Grills on the Planet

More than 20 years ago, Kalamazoo introduced the world to the first grill that could cook with gas, wood and charcoal. The Hybrid Fire Grill is designed, engineered and built to outperform and outlast any other professional gas grill. It utilizes an unprecedented amount of materials and welding, with our medium-size grill model weighing in at a staggering 450 pounds. The robust construction not only ensures lifelong durability, but also helps retain heat for superior cooking results. To ensure the highest gas grilling performance, we have custom designed cast bronze Dragon Burners exclusively for the Hybrid Fire Grill. Each burner has walls more than 1/8-inch thick and weighs in at a hefty 14 pounds for superior durability. And hidden within the sleek body of the grill is an expanded firebox that extends all the way to the ground. This revolutionary design enhances airflow throughout the body of the grill, creating the most dynamic, even heat possible. This is why a Kalamazoo grill excels not only at searing, but also at roasting, baking and smoking.

Unrivaled Performance and Innovation

Every Kalamazoo product offers best-in-class performance and advanced cooking capabilities. We create products that deliver real performance and versatility, with engineering that endures the test of time. From gas-fired pizza ovens that can outcook a wood-burning oven, and the first weather-tight outdoor kitchen cabinets, to the world’s first undercounter charcoal smoker cabinet, Kalamazoo products not only offer superior cooking versatility and results, but also make the entire experience a lot more fun.

Exceptional American Craftsmanship

True quality is the result of expert craftsmanship. It is a belief we have held since our inception as a custom sheet metal fabrication shop more than 100 years ago. Our products are still built to order, one kitchen at a time, by artisans who have spent a lifetime honing their craft. These master craftspeople form, weld, and finish every piece of stainless steel by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Our foundry, just a few hours away, casts our robust bronze grill burners in small batches to maintain the highest quality. Before shipping, we test-fire and triple inspect our products as part of our stringent quality control process. Each grill bears the signatures of the people who built it — a great source of pride for our artisans.  It is this level of skill and attention to detail that ensures superior performance and sets our collection apart from the rest. When you choose Kalamazoo for your home, you are investing in fine pieces of American craftsmanship.

The Most Comprehensive and Best Outdoor Kitchen Collection Available

The depth and breadth of our collection is unprecedented. Every single item is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly, providing the utmost design flexibility and an impeccable finish. Experience a Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen and one thing becomes clear: Form and function are united, and every design detail is considered. Our vast offerings include:

The Largest Selection of Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Products

Kalamazoo offers the largest and best selection of marine-grade products for the entire outdoor kitchen. For clients who prefer enhanced corrosion resistance, we can build our full selection of grills, pizza ovens, smoker cabinets, cabinets, and most of our refrigeration in 316 stainless steel.

Unparalleled Design Expertise and Support

We provide an unparalleled level of design support and are here to assist homeowners and design professionals from start to finish, to create truly functional, beautiful outdoor spaces. We start by understanding and defining outdoor cooking needs and aspirations. Then, our team helps select the perfect pieces from our extensive collection to meet those needs. We are skilled at working within existing space or planning constraints. We provide detailed measurements and annotations to help ensure successful installation, with all of this information coming straight from our engineers, who know our products inside and out. We can support you throughout the entire journey to create a stunning space that will be a joy to use for years to come.

The Ordering Process

Our team of outdoor kitchen experts is here to walk you through every step of the process. Once you select the perfect pieces, your Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen design consultant will create a formal quote including the grills, cabinetry, refrigeration and other equipment reflected in the rough plan. Our team will create CAD drawings of your custom kitchen for a small fee that is credited toward your order. Drawings include detailed dimensions and tolerances as well as gas, plumbing and electrical supply locations. Once the kitchen is finalized, Kalamazoo can usually build and ship all custom outdoor kitchen equipment within 4 to 6 weeks to arrive fully assembled. We provide installation instructions, CAD drawings and any hardware needed to build the kitchen with ease. Our team is just a phone call away to answer any questions during installation.

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

We are fiercely passionate about outdoor cooking and want to ensure that you maximize your enjoyment of your new outdoor kitchen. That's why we provide a wealth of information ranging from grilling tips to recipes to product maintenance and safety tips. We cover everything you need to know and then some!

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