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K750GB Gaucho Wood-fired Built-in Grill

K750GB Gaucho Wood-fired Built-in Grill

Argentinian-style wood-burning grill with primary grilling area measuring 726 square inches. Built-in model with powerful gas starter system quickly lights the fire.

Elevate your grilling to a higher level with the Gaucho Grill by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Inspired by traditional Argentinian wood-fired grilling, the Gaucho allows you to create amazing flavors with a live fire. A best in class product and 2018 Architectural Digest Great Design Award winner, the Gaucho Grill stands out with its impressive 30-inch spoked wheel that regulates cooking temperature by raising or lowering the grill grate over a wood fire.

Whether you think of this as an Argentinian grill or a Santa Maria, cooking over a live wood fire in this manner is a time-honored tradition. The K750GB Built-in Gaucho Grill enhances this tradition with modern conveniences. A powerful gas starter system gets the fire going, and the thoughtfully designed ash collection system makes for easy cleanup. The electric rotisserie mechanism raises and lowers with the grill grate to expand your cooking capabilities.

Hand-built to order in Michigan.

Product Features

  • Wood-fired grilling with grill grate and motorized rotisserie spit that raise and lower above the fire; motor mounted in cabinet  
  • 33" x 22" (726 square inches) of primary grilling surface
  • Total BTUs: 45,000 using natural gas; 48,000 using propane 
  • Two powerful gas burners to start the wood fire, 24,000 BTUs each 
  • Ample, deep firebox with optimal air circulation for efficient cooking fires
  • Large, convenient ash collection system for easy cleanup
  • Large control wheel for effortless height adjustment
  • Chain-driven, height-adjustable rotisserie with 33-inch spit
  • Standard heavy-duty stainless-steel rod grill surface
  • Heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  • Hand-built in Michigan

Product Options

  • Upgrade to custom laser-cut grilling surfaces with your choice of patterns optimized for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. You can personalize your grill even further by adding your initials, logo or other artwork. 
  • Argentinian-style V-grates
  • Sunbrella grill cover
  • Natural gas or bulk liquid propane
  • Marine-grade stainless steel available as an option for clients who prefer additional corrosion resistance. Increases standard lead times by 2 weeks.


  • For outdoor use only
  • Do not install below overhead combustible surfaces
  • See owner’s manual for additional clearances required and other installation information
  • Not for use on recreational vehicles or boats
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