Meat. Fire. Smoke. Flame. There are so few truly primal experiences in the world anymore. Immerse yourself with the Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill.

An open wood fire, cracking and smoking. A rack of meat sizzling and caramelizing perfectly, the heat from the live fire imparting flavors you can’t get indoors. You’re in complete control: the gas starter ignites the wood dependably, the wheel moves effortlessly, the motorized rotisserie — large enough for a whole animal — turns quietly. When that fire is loud and hot, and you’re drawn in by the smell of smoke and cooking meat, all you feel is the power of Argentinian-style grilling. Discover the time-honored tradition of Argentinian barbecue.

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First you notice the wheel.

A ratchetless design for this 30-inch wheel is the reason it turns so smoothly, giving you one-handed, precision control over the grilling rack position.

Roaring in five minutes.

Quickly set the wood fire blazing with heavy-duty, gas-powered starter burners that ignite wood or charcoal in just minutes.

the flavors Of Argentinian-Style Grilling are Distinctive — And Amazing

The Gaucho grill is the best way to get those flavors, elevating the experience through design improvements that bring the live fire to the fore, with its popping, crackling, hissing flames and smoky aromas, and putting you in control of it all. Experience gaucho-style grilling at its best.


We’re proud to be the first North American grill manufacturer to introduce safety gas control valves across our product line. Gas won’t flow if the burners aren’t lit. And when they are, the electronic bezels glow orange — allowing you to check which burners are on at a glance.

Heavy-duty stainless steel. built to last.

Rigorous testing. Harsh environments. Everything we build — grills, cabinetry, everything — is made for the long run using 304 grade stainless steel. And if you live near saltwater, you can have your Gaucho grill built in marine-grade stainless steel.

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Gaucho Grill Options

Built-In (Gaucho) image

Built-in. Becomes the true centerpiece of any new or existing outdoor kitchen space

Starting At $31,855 USD
Freestanding (Gaucho) image

Freestanding and flexible—easy to add to an existing space, or move it to wherever you're entertaining.

Starting At $33,855 USD
Freestanding With Side Burner (Gaucho) image

Full-sized burner provides more cooking options in a single unit.

Starting At $40,995 USD

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K750GB Built-in Gaucho Grill Image
K750GB Built-in Gaucho Grill
Starting at $31,855 USD Save To Project
K750GT Freestanding Gaucho Grill Image
K750GT Freestanding Gaucho Grill
Starting at $33,855 USD Save To Project
K750GS Freestanding Gaucho Grill with Side Burner Image
K750GS Freestanding Gaucho Grill with Side Burner
Starting at $40,995 USD Save To Project

“A full sensory experience.”

Lauren Mowery, Forbes

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