Three Ingenious Details on the Hybrid Fire Grill

July 19, 2019
By Morgan Bergren, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Our Hybrid Fire Grill is full of features that earn accolades from renowned chefs and BBQ experts. The multi-fuel grilling drawer that allows you to cook with gas, charcoal and wood, the ingenious rotisserie system and our laser-cut cooking grates are just a few of the Hybrid Fire Grill’s most well-known hallmarks. Every inch of our grills is thoughtfully considered and designed for the best possible performance - including these three unique details:

An Incredibly Useful Warming Rack

On our Hybrid Fire Grills, the warming rack actually functions as an additional cooking area, not just a place to toast hot dog or hamburger buns. 

Our Chief Product Designer and Grillmaster, Russ Faulk, spent a lot of time perfecting the size and location of this warming rack. It was carefully designed to be large enough to be useful, while also positioned to leave plenty of room for cooking on the primary grill grate underneath. The warming rack can also be easily flipped out of the way to make room for the rotisserie spit. “With the way our Hybrid Fire heat dynamics work, you can roast a rack of lamb up there, or get a head start on root vegetables that need a lot of time. With the gas burners on high, our warming rack actually reaches hotter temperatures than most other grills’ main cooking grate!” Russ says.

A Totally Unique Firebox - On Every Model

The Hybrid Fire Grill’s firebox is extra deep and made of heavy-gauge stainless steel.. This exclusive design allows hot air to circulate evenly and effectively throughout the entire grill. In fact, the heat dynamics are so well-designed, you can use the Hybrid Fire Grill to roast and bake, just as you would in your indoor oven!

We are so meticulous about ensuring the very best heat distribution and cooking dynamics, we actually build slightly different fireboxes for each of our Hybrid Fire Grill models. As the grill size changes, the geometry of the firebox changes, too, to ensure that it’s as deep as possible with the steepest sides possible. “Details like these add some complexity to our manufacturing process, but they’re worth it to ensure that every single model is built to perfection,” Russ says.

The Sheer Amount of Metal & Welding

Kalamazoo grills contain more stainless steel, brass and bronze than any other grill - and for good reason. All of that metal - 450lbs in our mid-size 750HB model - holds heat extremely well. That means that you can maintain steady temperatures no matter how cold or windy it is outside, resulting in a better, faster cooking experience.