San Diego, California

With two outdoor kitchens, cooking and entertaining possibilities abound at this modern beach house - along with gorgeous views.

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San Diego, California

By Alicia Calhoon

A completely renovated oceanfront vacation home in San Diego features a newly designed outdoor space with plenty of areas to gather and enjoy the home’s expansive views.  A muted color palette of gray, sand and white allows the sea to be the star from every room. The ocean air also inspired the homeowners to upgrade the home’s existing outdoor kitchen. 

“We needed equipment that could withstand the wear and tear of salt air and spray,” designer, Alicia Calhoon, shares. And her research led her to Kalamazoo. Two outdoor cooking spaces - one on the fourth-floor roof deck, and one on the first floor - are outfitted with Kalamazoo’s marine-grade equipment for additional corrosion resistance from salt water. 

On the cantilevered roof deck, a full, standalone outdoor kitchen features a K750HB Hybrid Fire Grill. The rest of the roof deck is outfitted for entertaining and nights spent overlooking the ocean with a custom stainless steel hot tub, fire pit and lounge areas. Entertaining and cooking on the rooftop was important to the homeowners, but all the components had to be carefully designed due to the finite amount of space, " said Alicia.  

An additional K1000HB Hybrid Fire Grill and Smoker Cabinet on the first floor, adjacent to the indoor kitchen, get plenty of use for casual family meals. “They love smoking meats,” Alicia says. “They’ll often have one big cookout, grilling and smoking large cuts of meat, for the whole family to eat all week.” 

By carefully considering all the ways this family wanted to cook, relax and entertain outdoors, Alicia designed the perfect vacation home  that will be the backdrop for many happy family memories.


Alicia Calhoon San Diego, California