Become King of the Cutting-Edge Cookout with Kalamazoo

April 09, 2023
Robb Report
Robb Report recently featured the Gaucho Grill in an article dedicated to the latest advances in outdoor grilling. Editor Nicolas Stecher calls out several key advantages offered by the grill, saying "Kalamazoo disrupted the grill game with its flagship Gaucho. Superbly engineered, the original model included a whisper-quiet motorized rotisserie big enough for a suckling pig, heavy-gauge 304 stainless- steel construction, and a double-walled firebox. [The Grill] was recently been upgraded with orange-glowing LED bezels, allowing you to check the status of each burner at a glance, and, to meet stringent global safety requirements, integrated valves with flame sensors that won’t allow gas to flow unless fire is detected." 

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