Make your outdoor space into a true outdoor kitchen. Our line of refrigerators and freezers have been designed to keep everything cold or frozen, even in extreme conditions—such as desert heat on August afternoons at 110°F. With over 25 refrigeration units, your outdoor kitchen can include everything from beverage centers and ice makers to wine chillers and keg tappers. Choose from the sleek, streamlined stainless steel Signature Series and the cohesive, symmetrical Arcadia Series with its wide variety of color and finish options. 

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Beyond “chilled beverages.”

Forced-air cooling, variable-speed compressors and insulation that’s 23% thicker than the competition means you can confidently store anything in your outdoor kitchen—from fish to ice cream—at the proper temperature.

Powerful, but not excessive.

A Kalamazoo outdoor wine chiller uses as little energy each year as an 11-watt bulb, for example. All our units are designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Many Options, One Look.

Because our refrigeration choices integrate with everything we make, your outdoor kitchen can achieve a single, cohesive design. 

All our refrigeration is available in our Signature series, in 15- and 24-inch widths, and most is available in Arcadia. Ask about marine grade stainless steel, if you live by the ocean.

Protect wine from dangerous UV rays, heat, vibration and fluctuating temperatures with the exclusive argon-charged, warm-air intercept technology we use on all our glass doors.

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Signature 24-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper Image
Signature 24-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper
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Signature 15-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper Image
Signature 15-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper
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