Grill Tools and Accessories

Barbecue Accessories and Grilling Tools

The ultimate grill deserves the ultimate grilling accessories. Elevate your next outdoor barbecue experience or give a great gift to a serious griller, with Kalamazoo's grilling accessories and tools. Ready to try some new techniques? With a smoker pellet grill insert and our premium wood pellets, you can turn your Hybrid Fire Grill into a smoker and master traditional American barbecue. (Check out our guide to smoking techniques to find out how to get started.) Achieving perfect grill marks every time on your Kalamazoo grill is much easier with custom grill surfaces in different patterns, each of which is optimized for grilling meat, fish or vegetables. You can even order truly customized grill surfaces emblazoned with your initials, logo or other artwork – a perfect gift for the grilling enthusiast who has everything. All of our barbecue accessories and grilling tools are hand-picked by the Kalamazoo grillmaster himself.


  1. Kalamazoo Quebracho Charcoal


  2. Premium Wood Pellets



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