Food + Fire Cookbook

Food + Fire Cookbook

“I’ve always loved picking Russ’ brain for the best ways to use our grill for various ingredients! Amazing now to have a book that can truly elevate your outdoor cooking with such a vast array of recipes!"
– Chef Stephanie Izard

Fuel your passion for outdoor cooking with Kalamazoo’s cookbook, Food + Fire. Authored by Kalamazoo Grillmaster and Chief Product Designer, Russ Faulk, Food + Fire is a labor of love designed to truly inspire the grillmaster within you. Acclaimed author, good friend of Kalamazoo, and authority on all things barbecue and grilling, Steven Raichlen, writes in the book’s introduction:

Russ has the rare gift of combining an engineer’s love of precision with a chef’s imagination. His recipes aren’t just remarkable—they scream with bigger-than-life flavors. Charcoal rotisserie prime rib with horseradish crust. Two hearted ale whole wheat pizza. Ingenious grilled zucchini ribbon kebabs. “Handhelds,” Russ’ nickname for grilled finger food, which includes the likes of Elk skirt steak tacos and bacon bison sliders. And, of course, grilled croissant s’mores for dessert.   

“This is serious food, big-flavored food—alive with the primal flavors of smoke and fire. And this is a serious book designed to help you up your grill game and take your barbecue to the next level.”   

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  • Features more than 170 recipes tailored specifically for grilling, smoking, pizza-making and other popular outdoor cooking techniques
  • Includes crucial tips for achieving the best results every time you cook
  • Covers a vast array of dishes including appetizers, kebabs, tacos, burgers, steaks, ribs, fillets, roasts, poultry, pizzas, sides and desserts
  • Whether you're a meat lover, seafood connoisseur or a steadfast veggie fan, there is a recipe for every preference and ability level in Food + Fire
  • Russ Faulk’s Food + Fire unlocks the secret vault of grilling techniques and delicious recipes that will no doubt make grillmasters out of us all!” – Chef Paul Kahan  
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