Signature Appliance Cabinets & Back Panels

Signature Series Outdoor Appliance Cabinets and Back Panels

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet provides a variety of design solutions so that you can seamlessly integrate undercounter appliances into your outdoor kitchen design. Signature Series appliance cabinets and appliance back panels allow you to incorporate Kalamazoo outdoor refrigeration into your outdoor kitchen plan.

Signature Series appliance cabinets are designed to surround a Kalamazoo outdoor refrigerator on three sides and support the countertop. While a back panel must span between two Signature Series outdoor kitchen cabinets, an appliance cabinet can be used at the end of a run. Appliance cabinets are also recommended when an appliance is located next to a grill.

Signature Series appliance back panels conceal the backs of undercounter appliances and create a flush surface between the adjacent outdoor cabinets at the back of the kitchen. A variety of widths are available to work with Kalamazoo’s 15-inch and 24-inch refrigerators, and multiple widths are available for combined unit dimensions.

Need design help? Your Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen design consultant can assist you by recommending the appropriate locations and uses for Signature Series outdoor kitchen appliance cabinets and back panels.


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