Arcadia Grill Back Panels & Surrounds

Arcadia Series Back Panels and Insulating Surrounds for Kalamazoo Built-in Grills

The Arcadia Series provides the freedom to tailor your outdoor kitchen to your own taste with a variety of texture, color, size, and configuration options. Each cabinet in this series is defined by primary horizontal lines created by a four-board design that runs across each cabinet face. These horizontal lines are a constant theme, running across doors, drawers, and even refrigeration, regardless of the unit's function.

The Arcadia Series offers a variety of sizes of grill back panels and surrounds to complete your outdoor kitchen. All Kalamazoo outdoor grills, whether built-in or freestanding, have fully finished backs but are shallower than the finished kitchen depth. Grill back panels create a flush appearance between two Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen cabinets flanking the grill. Grill surrounds should be used if a Kalamazoo grill is installed with wood cabinetry or other combustible materials.

Need assistance? Your Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen design consultant will happily help you understand the benefits of using grill back panels and insulating grill surrounds in your outdoor kitchen.


  1. Arcadia K500HB Grill Back Panel


  2. Arcadia K750HB Grill Back Panel


  3. Arcadia K750GB Grill Back Panel


  4. Arcadia K1000HB Grill Back Panel


  5. Arcadia K500HB Grill Surround


  6. Arcadia K750HB Grill Surround


  7. Arcadia K750GB Grill Surround


  8. Arcadia K1000HB Grill Surround



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