Kalamazoo Introduces the Next-Generation of High-Performance Outdoor Cooking

February 08, 2022
Press Release

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Introduces the Next-Generation of High-Performance Outdoor Cooking 

Unrivaled performance, world-class safety features, impressive aesthetics and the brand’s first drop-in style grill head redefine the sophisticated outdoor living experience.


CHICAGO (February 8, 2022) Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, the leader in outdoor cooking and entertaining, debuts the most expanded and advanced product launch in the company’s history. The next-generation cooking collection sets new industry standards and introduces a new gas grill as the company’s first drop-in style grill head. Kalamazoo’s first-ever global product lineup is driven by industry-leading safety features, increased performance and an updated aesthetic. The announcement comes as the National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that 60% of homeowners desire an outdoor kitchen as a primary need for their exterior living space.


"At Kalamazoo, we’re driven by a century-long legacy of innovation. Our new lineup builds upon this tradition by once again raising the bar for cooking performance, quality, safety, versatility and beautiful design,” said Alexis Hiller, Head of Marketing at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. “With this launch, we are significantly enhancing our current product collection and expanding our world-class grill lineup with a new drop-in style grill head to bring the Kalamazoo experience to more outdoor cooking enthusiasts.”


Kalamazoo’s relentless passion for creating the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertaining experience is reinforced through its best-in-class lineup, from the legendary Hybrid Fire Grill and iconic Argentinian-style Gaucho Grill to the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven and all-new drop-in style grill head. “We are excited to expand our European offering with the new 2022 lineup—the first time our full suite of outdoor cooking products will be available for this market,” said Russ Faulk, Chief Designer and Head of Product at Kalamazoo.


Introducing a New Category for Kalamazoo: The Drop-In Style Grill Head

The new family of gas grills combines the best of Kalamazoo’s engineering and American craftsmanship to offer a gas-fired cooking performance that is second only to the Hybrid Fire Grill. Available in two sizes, the 42-inch (1,067 mm) grill features 792 square inches (5,110 square centimeters) of primary grilling area. The larger, 54-inch (1,372 mm) model features 1,056 square inches (6,813 square centimeters) of primary grilling area. In a new pattern developed specifically for these gas grills, both utilize Kalamazoo’s popular laser-cut cooking grates cut from ¼-inch-thick (6.4 millimeters) stainless steel. The family includes four models in two sizes, covering built-in and freestanding needs for clients. All models are available in marine-grade stainless steel, as well.


The new gas grill delivers cooking temperatures exceeding 700 degrees Fahrenheit (370 degrees Celsius), making every portion of the cooking surface ideal for searing. This powerful performance, combined with the heavy build quality and precision-engineered firebox, results in a superior cooking experience. The grill’s weight is a sign of enduring quality and improves cooking performance by holding more heat. Kalamazoo invests more material into each grill than other manufacturers to capture these tangible benefits. The 42-inch built-in grill weighs 380 pounds (172 kilograms), almost entirely comprised of stainless steel.


The integrated chain-driven rotisserie system is built into the grill so it’s conveniently always at the ready and eliminates unnecessary openings in the sides of the grill lid. Kalamazoo includes separate 1-inch-deep collection pans under each main burner to make cleanup easier. These pans are deep enough to accommodate the messiest cooking sessions, while their smaller footprint makes each pan easier to handle when cleaning up.


The new Kalamazoo gas grill fits into a wide range of pre-existing grill cutouts and features an aesthetic and structural trim piece that overlaps the masonry opening. This makes upgrading to a Kalamazoo easier, minimizing the need for cosmetic adjustments.


"Each Kalamazoo grill is designed to lead its category in performance, craftsmanship and design. Our new drop-in style gas grill is no exception,” said Faulk. “The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill remains the best gas grill in the market, but our new grill delivers a serious upgrade for clients who desire a drop-in style model. Because it does not burn charcoal and wood in addition to gas, we are able to offer these new grills at a meaningfully lower price than the Hybrid Fire Grill.” 


Redesigned to Make the Best Even Better 

For 25 years, the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill has stood as the highest-performance gas grill, and the new 2022 model receives several valuable upgrades. Each Dragon Burner™ is now lit independently by its own hot surface igniter to simplify the grill use. The barbecue burner delivers low, indirect heat to maintain steady temperatures during longer, lower-temperature cooks. The Hybrid Fire Grill, Gaucho Grill and new drop-in style grill head also receive new electronic bezels with LED lighting that delivers clear user feedback by indicating the status of each burner.


Kalamazoo pioneered the countertop gas-fired pizza oven category back in 2006, and the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven remains one of the most powerful, precise and versatile ovens on the market. The latest updates bring even more functionality with a ceiling temperature that can now reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celcius). The ingenious design mimics the heat characteristics of a wood-fired oven with the ease and convenience of a gas appliance. The large, open flame at the rear of the oven delivers the primary cooking heat. A second, independently-controlled burner below the ceramic cooking deck balances the heat to particular cooking needs and expands the versatility. This makes it the perfect choice for not only Neapolitan-style pizza, but also various other dishes including meats, fish, vegetables, desserts and everything between.


"In addition to product-focused performance and convenience upgrades, we’ve also established a sleek, sophisticated design aesthetic across the entire lineup. Reprofiled control panels show off the precision-machined bezels and the larger, sculpted control knobs,” says Hiller. “And while many noticeable changes are visible across the new products, the most important upgrades, such as integrated safety valves, cannot be seen.”

World-Class Safety Features Now Standard 

Safety is of utmost importance with any gas appliance, and Kalamazoo is raising the bar for the US market. With the launch of the 2022 lineup, Kalamazoo will be the first manufacturer to incorporate safety valves with every gas burner in their outdoor cooking products. Each product utilizes custom-engineered valves designed to allow the flow of gas only when a flame is detected. After years of development, these new valves are the first to deliver the demanding performance of Kalamazoo cooking products while meeting the most stringent global safety requirements.


"User safety is our top priority when developing any product. And, although we have included safety valves in the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven since 2014, there weren’t valves of this type in the market that could meet the performance requirements of the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill. We’ve worked in partnership with our suppliers for several years to develop these new safety valves that provide North American customers the best of European safety standards while delivering the kind of performance the world expects from a Kalamazoo,” said Faulk.


The new collection will be certified for residential use across North America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, users will find that text on all control panels has been replaced with iconography to ensure ease of use globally.


Kalamazoo’s new outdoor kitchen collection will be available to order on February 8, 2022, with shipments beginning in Q2. 

For high-resolution images, videos and other visual assets, and to schedule a 1:1 virtual walkthrough with Kalamazoo’s head of product, please contact Ryan Gartman, Senior Manager, Public Relations, at rgartman@kalamazoogourmet.com


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is the leading manufacturer of world-class appliances and cabinetry for outdoor cooking and entertaining. A passion for the joy of outdoor cooking and a deep commitment to exceptional performance, quality and design are the keys to the company’s success. Kalamazoo’s rich history of craftsmanship and expertise in metal fabrication began more than a century ago in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The company prides itself on its meticulous hand-craftsmanship and category-defining innovation that continues to raise the industry bar. Kalamazoo’s distinctive products are available globally through select retailers, certified design professionals and the company’s website.