Grillzilla – Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

May 20, 2012
Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Made for You

In a world of fast food and one-size-fits-all sensibilities, how often does something feel made especially for you? The "Made for You" section celebrates those items that are created with such high quality of hand workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you. In each issue, our editors will endeavor to bring you special things from anywhere in the globe, choosing them solely on the basis of outstanding quality. Our goal is to give you guidance on the best of everything

To be the king of outdoor cooking, look to Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. The company crafts completely handmade and customizable grills. While gas-fired, the grills offer a clever slide-out tray allowing the user to work with charcoal, wood chunks or even logs to complete the grilling experience. The system gives the grills tremendous flexibility, offering temperatures as high as 1,200°F (enough to buckle the hoods of lesser grills) and as low as 150°. Cooking grates can be customized with initials, logos or even a family crest. Available as built-ins or freestanding.