Kalamazoo Grills on Showtime's Ray Donovan

Kalamazoo Grill Heats Up on Ray Donovan

Bradley Carlson, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet | 11/19/2015 | Grilling

This past season on Showtime’s hit crime drama, Ray Donovan, there was more double-crossing, blackmailing and illicit behavior than we’ve seen yet.

But there was something else heating up behind all the action. Something scorching. Something fiery.  

That’s right. Our Kalamazoo K750 HT Hybrid Fire Grill  made its TV debut. It plays a pivotal role – a title role, in fact – in the opening episode, “The Kalamazoo.”

To recap, last season ended with Jon Voight’s character, Mickey Donovan, winning big in a horse race. With his earnings, a Kalamazoo grill is one of the first big purchases. It’s described as “top of the line.”

No arguments here.     

Mickey gets very excited about his new K750HT grill. When it’s delivered to the motel complex – much to the residents’ surprise – he rushes down from his room to set it up by the pool.

He describes it to a neighbor as having 55,000 BTUs, but it’s actually more like 107,150 total BTUs with natural gas.

He also says that Kalamazoo grills are made in “the factory where they used to make checker cabs.” When asked if this is true, he quickly shrugs it off and says he doesn’t know. 

Well, here’s where our grills are really made. Countless hours go into every single one of our handcrafted American made grills.

Later in the episode, Mickey has a cookout for his neighbors in the motel complex and grills burgers – one of which is specially-made for a newly-formed enemy.

Don’t worry. We won’t spoil it if you’re still catching up. And if you have seen it, here’s a recap and review from AfterBuzz TV.

The grill appears several episodes later in dream sequence. In the scene, Mickey is throwing a big party for his family, including his son, Ray Donovan, and grilling an elaborate meal with steaks, lobsters, and veggies. No problem for the Hybrid Fire Grill.  

Last spring, we were invited by the production team out to Los Angeles for the filming of this scene. We had the opportunity to serve as consultants and advise Jon Voight on cooking on a Kalamazoo grill. It was a real pleasure to work with him.

When he arrived on the set, we took him through the grill, which you can watch here:

We also coached him on placement of the different food items and how to move them around naturally. Collectively, we decided to cook with charcoal and wood, which brought a sense of heightened realism and added to the authenticity of the scene.

Here’s another behind-the-scenes look of the filming from Showtime:

We thoroughly enjoyed Ray Donovan this summer and were very glad to be a part of it.

If you’re like us and just couldn’t get enough of the show, good news – it’s been renewed for a fourth season.  

We’ll definitely be watching.


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