Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven in Saveur Magazine

Saveur Magazine: Kalamazoo’s Pizza Oven Worthy of Napoli

Russ Faulk, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Grillmaster | 08/12/2013 | Food and Drink

For their May 2013 feature on the pizza of Naples, Saveur magazine traveled to the source with Roberto Caporuscio to learn about the style. (Roberto is the pizzaiolo behind New York’s Keste Pizza and Vino and Don Antonio by Starita – both phenomenal places for authentic Neapolitan pizza.) When the editors back home were developing recipes for the issue, Roberto recommended they give Kalamazoo’s Artisan Fire Pizza Oven a try. Kellie Evans put the oven through its paces, “The result: a harmony of just-melted milky mozzarella swimming in a shallow pool of simmering tomato sauce. This pizza was as close to perfect as it gets. When I bragged about my success to Roberto, he laughed, and said it was all about the oven.”

Read the short review at

Check out Roberto’s primer on Neapolitan pizza.


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