Outdoor Range Hoods: Find an Outdoor Vent Hood for Your Grill

Commercial-Specification Vent Hoods for Custom Outdoor Kitchens

When an outdoor grill is used under a roof or any combustible overhead structure, a vent hood is required to control the grease and smoke. A powerful vent hood can also be used to control smoke that may otherwise blow into the dining area, disturbing your meals.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has designed the perfect vent hood to compliment our most popular grills for custom outdoor kitchens — the Kalamazoo K500HB, K750HB, and K1000HB Hybrid Fire Built-in Grills. Key features include:

  • Distinctive styling and proportions that complement the aesthetics of a Kalamazoo built-in grill.
  • Wall-mounted hood designs are available for the Kalamazoo K500HB, K750HB, and K1000HB Hybrid Fire Built-in Grills.
  • An island hood design is available for the K500HB, K750HB, and K1000HB Hybrid Fire Built-in Grill.
  • Hand-crafted, welded and finished from heavy-gauge stainless steel, including easy to clean stainless steel baffle filters that will last a lifetime.
  • Engineered to manage even the toughest smoke conditions, including a combination of wood, gas or charcoal on a high-performance grill such as the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill. Capacity and dimensions designed to restaurant specifications.
  • Built-in lighting with two illumination levels — one for comfortable after-dark cooking and a second ambient light setting for when the meal is served.
  • Three speed, quiet-control remote (rooftop) fan that pulls 1,400 CFM, ensuring that no meal or party is disturbed by smoke or noise, or a 1,200 CFM in-hood fan for use when a rooftop fan is not a possibility.
  • Custom-height chimney covers built to order to meet project specifications.


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