Wine Chillers

Kalamazoo Outdoor Wine Chillers

Outdoor wine chillers engineered to protect your valuable collection from light, heat, vibration and temperature fluctuations.

Kalamazoo outdoor appliances feature insulation that is 23% thicker than the competition. Powerful, variable-speed compressors and forced-air cooling are utilized to maintain the set temperature inside our wine chillers in outdoor temperatures up to 100ºF.

Enjoy the convenience of storing your wine in the outdoor kitchen with an outdoor wine cooler you can trust.

Kalamazoo 15” Outdoor Wine Chiller

Kalamazoo 15" Outdoor Wine Chiller



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Wine Chiller

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Wine Chiller



Kalamazoo 24” Dual-zone Outdoor Wine Chiller

Kalamazoo 24" Dual-zone Outdoor Wine Chiller




Outdoor Wine Coolers that Can Take the Heat

Keep your collection at the perfect temperature even when summer heat reaches 110°F. Like all Kalamazoo outdoor appliances, our wine chillers are engineered to withstand the elements. Keep your appliances outside year-round without covering them. To winterize a Kalamazoo wine chiller, simply clean it out, turn off the power, wipe it down with stainless steel polish and that's it! Power it back up in the spring.

With both 15-inch and 24-inch units available, you can dedicate separate outdoor wine coolers to set each optimum temperature. With three 15-inch appliances, you can store 20 bottles of red wine at 50° to 65°F, 20 bottles of white or rosé wine at 45° to 55°F, and 20 bottles of sparkling wine at 40° to 52°F — all within just 45 inches of outdoor kitchen frontage. Don't be fooled by the "multi-zone" outdoor wine chillers that are available. These inferior units rely on cold air settling in the bottom of the wine cooler to keep whites at the bottom of the cabinet cooler than reds at the top of the cabinet, rather than the precise temperature control available only with forced-air refrigeration.

  • Unprecedented 995 to 1985 BTUs of cooling power
  • Digital temperature adjustment from 40° to 65°F
  • Front-vented, forced-air refrigeration circulates the air for even temperatures in every bottle on every shelf
  • Stainless steel interior for perfect hygiene
  • Full-extension shelves
  • Extra storage under shelves for up to five additional bottles
  • Shelves are removable and adjustable to accommodate oversize (magnum) bottles
  • Cabinet construction eliminates vibration
  • Door locks available
  • Two-year full warranty on complete unit – additional four year limited warranty on the sealed refrigeration system

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