• Backyard Pizza Oven

    "We have arrived at a time... when a person can bake the pizza of his dreams, the pizza he deserves, right in his own backyard."

    Richard Nally, Forbes Life

  • Outdoor pizza oven by Kalamazoo

    Neapolitan-style pizzas cook in less than 3 minutes

  • Outdoor pizza oven and rolling pizza kitchen

    An easy addition to any outdoor living space

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The Outdoor Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet brings old-world pizza oven cooking to the modern outdoor kitchen with this stainless steel gas-fired pizza oven. The countertop design requires no installation, and cooking temperatures are reached in as little as 20 minutes for the ultimate convenience. After just a 45-minute pre-heat, this powerful backyard pizza oven can bake a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes.

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven



Pizza Master’s Essential Accessories

Pizza Master's Essential Accessories



Sunbrella Cover for Countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Sunbrella Cover for Countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven



Pizza Oven Station

Pizza Oven Station



artisan pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven

What makes the perfect artisan pizza?
Flavor doesn’t come from wood and bricks.
It’s the fire.

  • Independently controlled gas burners perfectly balance the temperatures inside the
    Kalamazoo outdoor pizza oven for every style of pizza — Neapolitan, New York or Chicago-style, even calzones.
  • Quicker to heat than wood-fired brick ovens, the Kalamazoo outdoor pizza oven is ready to cook in as few as 20 minutes.
  • Precise, responsive controls mean you don’t have to wait for heat-absorbing bricks to heat up or cool down when you need to change the temperature.
  • As easy to use as your in-home oven.
  • Stainless steel design is impervious to the elements, easy to clean, and its convenient size complements your backyard.

Total Control Burner System balances the heat for any style of pizza.

Two high-performance gas burners empower you to cook with confidence. Adjust the top burner to control the browning of pizza toppings. Adjust the bottom burner to control the crisping of the crust. This ability to change the balance of the heat means you can make any style of pizza and achieve perfect, crispy crusts.

Kalamazoo's outdoor pizza oven offers a broad temperature range from 350° to over 800°F.

Open front cooking makes for a more interactive and romantic cooking experience. It also means you can monitor the precise moment the pizzas are ready.

Professional pizza baking deck delivers perfect crusts.

The cooking deck is a professional-grade ceramic material. Its heat transfer characteristics exceed that of natural stone. The material is rated to extreme temperatures and will not warp. We utilize a hollow-core design so that the deck will increase or decrease temperature quickly in response to your control input.

Ready to cook when you are.

A pizza party can be a spontaneous event that doesn't require you to plan hours ahead like more traditional pizza ovens. The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven comes up to temperature quickly.

No installation required.

The countertop design makes our backyard pizza oven the perfect addition to new or existing outdoor kitchens, and it is available in both liquid propane and natural gas configurations. Simply connect the oven to natural gas or liquid propane and you are ready to start a tradition of baking artisan pizza in your own backyard.

Make more than just pizzas.

The Kalamazoo outdoor pizza oven is also perfect for roasting meats, fish and vegetables. Simply use cast iron fajita pans right on the baking deck. Other foods cook from above and below at the same time just like pizzas.

prosciutto-wrapped asparagus roasted in the outdoor pizza oven