outdoor refrigerator

Outdoor Refrigerators and Refrigerated Drawers

Outdoor refrigeration should mean more than just keeping beverages chilled. Kalamazoo outdoor refrigerators hold foods and beverages at the perfect temperature with unmatched uniformity — even when summer heat reaches 110º F.

Forced-air cooling, superior insulation and variable-speed compressors make Kalamazoo's outdoor refrigerators the highest-performance units around.

Kalamazoo 15” Outdoor Refrigerator

Kalamazoo 15" Outdoor Refrigerator



Kalamazoo 15” Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers

Kalamazoo 15" Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers



Kalamazoo 15” Outdoor Refrigerator with Glass Door

Kalamazoo 15" Outdoor Refrigerator with Glass Door



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Refrigerator

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Refrigerator



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Refrigerator with Glass Door

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Refrigerator with Glass Door




Energy Star® Qualified Outdoor Refrigerators Rated for Food Storage as Well as Beverages

Many outdoor refrigerators are suited only for keeping beverages chilled, but a Kalamazoo outdoor refrigerator will keep raw poultry, fish, meats and produce at the perfect, safe temperature even when the temperature outside reaches 110°F. Kalamazoo outdoor refrigerators are durable as well, designed to stay outside year-round.

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel interiors
  • Electronic digital temperature control and display
  • Vinyl-coated full-extension shelving, complete with guard rails, glide out beyond the cabinet for easy access to contents
  • UL-approved for outdoor use
  • Two-inch thick walls provide superior insulation and minimize vibrations - that's 23% thicker insulation than the competition
  • Energy Star® qualified
  • Unprecedented 995 to 1985 BTUs of cooling power
  • 33ºF to 39ºF digital temperature adjustment
  • Door and drawer locks available

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