Keg Tappers (Kegerators)

The luxury of enjoying a draft beer in your home outdoor kitchen achieves a new level with Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Keg Tappers. Perlick, manufacturer of all our outdoor refrigeration, has been the top name in commercial beer dispensing equipment since before prohibition. Today, you can avail yourself to a wide range of choices for your home needs, including models with one, two and even three taps. (15-inch models are single tap, 24-inch models are single or double tap, 48-inch models are single, double or triple tap.)

Kalamazoo kegerators feature powerful compressors, forced air cooling and insulation that is 23% thicker than the competition, making them the best available. Our beer keg refrigerators will hold your favorite beers at the perfect temperature — even when summer heat climbs to 100°F.

Kalamazoo 15” Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper

Kalamazoo 15" Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper




Keg Layouts

Kalamazoo offers the largest variety of keg tappers for your outdoor kitchen. Dispense from one, two or three kegs of beer, depending on the size and configuration of the keg tapper you choose as part of your outdoor kitchen appliannces.

Keg Layout for 15-inch Outdoor Keg Tapper

15-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper

The 15-inch outdoor keg tapper can dispense from a single, 1/6 barrel keg. The tap tower will only have a single faucet.


Keg Layout for 24-inch Outdoor Keg Tapper

24-inch Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper

The 24-inch tapper can dispense from a single, 1/4 barrel keg or two 1/6 barrel kegs. The tap tower may be ordered with a single- or double-faucet.