Outdoor Freezers

Kalamazoo Outdoor Freezers and Undercounter Freezer Drawers

Quiet, powerful and energy efficient. Kalamazoo outdoor freezers and refrigerators feature insulation that is 23% thicker than the competition. Add our forced-air cooling, and automatic hot gas defrost, and you can see why Kalamazoo offers the only outdoor freezers available for your outdoor kitchen.

To ensure we meet all of your entertaining needs, our undercounter freezer drawers also feature optional vinyl-coated racks for storing martini glasses and beer mugs as well as storage racks for vodka or other liquors.


Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Freezer

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Freezer



Kalamazoo 24” Outdoor Freezer Drawers

Kalamazoo 24" Outdoor Freezer Drawers




Outdoor Freezers and Undercounter Freezers Drawers

These exceptional outdoor freezers feature insulated walls that are two inches thick, plus forced-air cooling. Keep ice cream and other frozen treats on-hand in the outdoor kitchen. Or entertain with frosted martini glasses and beer mugs. Kalamazoo's outdoor freezers and undercounter freezer drawers will maintain Arctic temperatures even on a 100°F summer scorcher.

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel interiors
  • Electronic digital temperature control and display
  • Vinyl-coated full-extension shelving, complete with guard rails, glide out beyond the cabinet for easy access to contents
  • UL-approved for outdoor use
  • Two-inch thick walls provide superior insulation and minimize vibrations - that's 23% thicker insulation than the competition
  • Unprecedented 995 to 1985 BTUs of cooling power
  • -10ºF to 10ºF digital temperature adjustment
  • Door and drawer locks available

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