• Outdoor Refrigeration

    Food-safe outdoor refrigerators.

  • Outdoor Wine Reserve

    More than 25 different units to meet every need.

  • Outdoor Beer Tap

    Don't settle for just a single type of beer on tap.

  • Outdoor Wine Chiller

    Digital controls are protected inside the unit.

Outdoor refrigeration that brings dessert to the desert.

Our outdoor freezers will keep ice cream frozen indefinitely, even in a Tucson summer. In fact, our 25-unit line of outdoor refrigeration is the only collection available that is proven to maintain the set internal temperature when it is as hot as 110°F outside.

Unrivaled Performance for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Variable-speed compressors, advanced insulation and forced air cooling add up to the most powerful and energy-efficient outdoor refrigeration available. This superior performance means our refrigeration is truly suitable for storing food outdoors. Many other units called “outdoor refrigerators” are really just beverage chillers, incapable of maintaining food-safe temperatures when it gets hot outside.


A Kalamazoo outdoor wine chiller uses as little energy annually as an 11-watt light bulb.

Exclusive Units and Features

We offer a number of outdoor kitchen appliances not available from any other manufacturer. The only outdoor-rated freezers and freezer drawers, the only 15-inch refrigerated drawers and the only 15-inch keg tapper.

Our features are exclusive, as well: full-extension, vinyl-coated shelves that extend beyond the cabinet; two inches of rigid insulation surrounding every cabinet; and glass doors replete with argon-charged, "warm edge intercept" technology, for maximum insulating efficiency in your outdoor refrigeration system.

Design Flexibility

Available in 15- and 24-inch widths to make your outdoor kitchen uniquely yours.