Pizza Master's Essential Accessories


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Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories

Hard-to-find pizza oven tools to help you get the most enjoyment from your Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven Tool Product Features

  • 16-inch perforated rectangular peel
    • Used to transfer assembled pizza from the oven
    • The same version used by Neapolitan pizza masters
    • Perforated design reduces the amount of flour on the bottom of the dough while allowing the pie to slide off easily
    • Aluminum construction
    • Made in Italy
  • 6-inch articulated peel
    • Used when rotating pizza in the oven and to pull the pizza from the oven
    • Sliding grip to make it easy to rotate and manipulate pies
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Made in Italy
  • Push-broom style brass cleaning brush with stainless steel scraper
    • Clean your hot cooking deck with this long-handled brass brush
    • Brass bristles clean the deck and pull crumbs to the tray of the Artisan Fire Pizza oven
    • Scraper removes burnt cheese or other trouble spots
  • Stacking dough boxes
    • Store dough while rising or resting
    • Scaled-down version of the boxes restaurants use to keep individual dough balls ready for use
    • Hold a dozen 10-ounce dough balls
    • Included dough scraper for splitting and lifting dough without bruising
    • Two boxes, 18 x 26 x 3.5 inches each, plus lid
    • Made in USA
  • 16-inch aluminum pizza screen
    • Slide under the pizza in the oven when you want to slow down the browning of the crust
Base Price: $339.00 Order locate a dealer

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