Hybrid Fire Grill Drawer

Our Advanced High-End Grill Design

Kalamazoo's high end grills are different from the ground-up. Literally. All Kalamazoo outdoor grill designs extend to the ground to make room for the deep firebox design — even in our built-in grill models. The superior heat dynamics improve performance for a wide variety of outdoor cooking techniques. It's a professional-grade grill, hand crafted for you.

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Gas Grill Superiority

Compare Kalamazoo stainless steel grills to the competition. The differences are numerous — especially the ability to cook with charcoal and wood — but focus for a moment on the design of the fire box and the benefits it delivers for grilling with gas alone. We believe the key to great grilling is to open up the space inside the grill... especially below the grill grate. On most competitor grills, the distance from the grate to the bottom of the grill is less than 10 inches. In a Kalamazoo, the floor pan of the grill is 29 inches away, That's nearly three times the height. The additional space enhances heat dynamics for conventional grilling and creates a convection effect for roasting and smoking. Kalamazoo high-end grills have been called "the best gas grill in the world."

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Pushing the burners farther below the grill grate will create more even heat at the grill grate. Our burners are more than 9 inches below the grate for even cooking throughout the grill, and we still deliver higher cooking temperatures than the competition.

Another advantage of the spacious Kalamazoo fire box is minimizing flare-ups. Flare-ups happen when drippings from the food contact a hot surface and ignite. The lower you can push the first hot surface below the grill grate, the less likely it is that flare-ups will reach back to the food above. The heat diffusing layer in a Kalamazoo is more than 5 inches below the food. Competitors place this hot surface as little as 1 inch away.

Finally, we take advantage of the additional space by giving you a much more effective cleanout bin. The grease tray in competitor's grills are like shallow cookie sheets. They can be very difficult to handle, especially with a little rain water in the mix. The Kalamazoo cleanout bin is ample, deep and very easy to handle.

Watch a video about how a Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill works

"The kind of performance I normally only find in restaurant kitchens."
— Chef Michael Chiarello

Powerful Gas Grill Burners

Cast brass Dragon Burners deliver the heat below the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers. These grill burners have walls more than 1/8-inch thick for superior durability (each burner weighs 14 pounds), and they are cast from a special lead-free* brass. Because the gas grill burners do their work below the Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers, they are designed to shed charcoal and wood ash, and the burner ports are protected below an overhang cast into burner. This helps protect the ports from clogging.

Watch a video about how a Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill works

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*According to the state of California, brass plumbing fixtures are considered to be lead-free when the total lead content is less than 0.25%. Conventional brass burners for grills contain up to 6% lead.

"The feature that really puts the Kalamazoo grill over the top is that you can easily
switch between gas and charcoal or wood. It is as simple as opening the drawer!"
— Chef Rick Bayless

Exclusive Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers

Leave the drawers empty for gas-fired grilling, and a Kalamazoo grill is the best gas grill available. The perforations and the surface angles within the drawers have been carefully designed to diffuse the heat from the gas burners below.

Add charcoal or wood to the drawers for solid-fuel grilling. The gas grill burners below will quickly start the fire. They can then be turned off for pure charcoal and wood cooking experiences, or they can be left on to supplement the heat when using smaller loads or when the fire begins to die. You can't beat the flavor of a live wood fire.

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Hybrid Fire Drawer Wood Grill

"The strength and durability of the Kalamazoo grill is near legendary."
— Just Luxe

Custom Stainless Steel Grill Grates

We laser-cut 1/4 inch thick slabs of stainless steel to create custom grill grates in three patterns optimized for different types of cooking. These heavy grates deliver grill marks quickly and the sheer mass means cold food won't cool down a hot grate — and that means the food is much less likely to stick. We offer special patterns for grilling vegetables, fish and meat (shown from left to right below). Mix and match the surfaces you like. You can even have them personalized with your initials, logo or other artwork.

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Custom Stainless Steel Grill Grates

"...what you really want to grill on on a regular basis is a Kalamazoo
outdoor hybrid grill."
— Miyoko Ohtake, Dwell

Meticulous Crastmanship and Awesome Durability

Every Kalamazoo stainless steel grill is formed, welded, finished and assembled by hand at our factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan from heavy-gauge stainless steel. There is more than 43 linear feet of welding in one K750HB Hybrid Fire Built-in Grill — all TIG welded and finished by hand. Our dedicated craftspeople have spent many years perfecting their skills. We take so much pride in our work that the team members who build each grill sign their names inside the cabinet door. When you choose Kalamazoo, you are purchasing a fine piece of American craftsmanship.

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Hand-welded stainless steel grill being made

"After two walls of water from the hurricane totally wiped out my home and the outdoor kitchen I had built for your grills, among the only things we were able to salvage were the grills. The grills remain an integral part of our lives... We just used them this weekend for a Super Bowl party."
— Robert "Bobby" Bodden, Customer, Grand Cayman