Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Drawing by William Jonathan van Allen, Landscape Architect

The Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has created a kitchen checklist specifically to aid professionals in successfully designing an outdoor kitchen.

While our kitchen checklist cannot thoroughly cover every outdoor kitchen situation, it has been created to address the key design aspects that apply to most projects. Kalamazoo kitchen experts are available to help you solve the challenges that inevitably arise  when you are designing an outdoor kitchen.

The Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen Checklist is available to website members who have registered as design professionals. Registration is free, so sign up now to view the full kitchen checklist that includes:

  • Outdoor kitchen site assessment
  • Outdoor kitchen gas, water and electric utilities
  • Grill and other outdoor kitchen equipment selection
  • Safety considerations for the outdoor kitchen
  • Dining, comfort, materials and more.

View the Outdoor Kitchen Design and Installation Checklist.

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