A Heritage of Innovations in Outdoor Cooking

We invented Hybrid Fire Grilling, and Kalamazoo still builds the only high-performance gas grill that also cooks with charcoal and wood. That spirit of innovation is just as much a part of the rest of our custom outdoor kitchen collection. Each piece is distinctive in the world of outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Grills

The only grills that cook with charcoal, gas and wood in any combination.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Our Total Control Burner System easily balances the heat to your liking so that anyone can make great artisan pizzas at home.

Outdoor Refrigeration

The most energy-efficient and powerful outdoor refrigeration available, including the only outdoor-rated freezers.

Outdoor Cabinets

The full line of outdoor kitchen cabinets feature weather-tight designs with a seamless rain gutter around every door and drawer opening.

More About Our Innovative Hybrid Fire Grill

The grills built by Kalamazoo are regarded by many chefs and industry experts to be the ultimate grill, offering a host of exclusive innovations:

  • The Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawer System for cooking with wood, charcoal and gas
  • The Exclusive Dragon Burner™ for awesome power, even heat and amazing durability
  • The custom laser-cut cooking surfaces for making your grill uniquely yours
  • The side-mounted smoker box for traditional American barbecue
  • The deep firebox design for superior heat dynamics and easy cleaning