Pasadena Fireplace

Pasadena Fireplace

The Pasadena Outdoor Fireplace offers a new alternative for homeowners seeking the beauty of a built-in outdoor fireplace but also value the convenience and flexibility of a freestanding design.
Hand-built at the time of order in Michigan.

Standard Features

  • Handcrafted in high-grade stainless steel, the Pasadena Outdoor Fireplace is easy to clean and warranted for life against structural rust
  • Homeowners can choose between two popular Arts & Crafts designs for the sides of the fireplace: white oak leaves with acorns or graceful gingko leaves.
  • An attractive low-pitched roof with wide overhangs keeps rain out of the fireplace, avoiding the time-consuming and messy cleanup of ashes and burnt logs common to open fire pits.
  • The fireplace roof is conversation-height, allowing a large group to sit comfortably around the fireplace for hours of comfortable conversation.
  • A deep cleanout drawer just below the fire holds the ashes of at least three fires. The simple pull out design makes cleaning easy.
  • Designed for superior oxygen flow, the real wood fire starts quickly without the need for a gas starter.
  • Weighing approximately 200 pounds the Pasadena Outdoor Fireplace will withstand the elements.
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41.375" Square by 37.25" Tall
Height allows for seated conversation on opposing sides of the fireplace.

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