Outdoor Kitchens and the Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven can be best described as a cast iron cooking pot with thick walls and a fitted lid. They are usually used for slow cooking meals, such as stews and casseroles; however, they can also be employed in non-traditional ways to make food like breads and desserts. These pots were originally created by the Dutch in the late 17th century. They soon found their way to American land, where they became the favorite cookware of colonists. Dutch ovens are most commonly associated with mountain men and cowboys, who used the cookware to prepare meals in rugged and open terrain. Now, Dutch ovens are considered quaint cookware that campers, scouts, revivalists and survivalists use to prepare meals. The following are links to Dutch oven resources.

This non-profit organization is committed to preserving and promoting the art of Dutch oven cooking. Local chapters exist, making it easy for members and enthusiasts to find each other.

This is a history explaining why the Dutch oven is the state cooking pot of Utah and Texas.

Dutch ovens are given a brief overview here, including a few use cautions. A list of recipes follows.

Utah State University explains the usefulness of a Dutch oven, provides tips on its operation, and lists recipes.

This cookbook was designed with Boy Scouts in mind. These recipes are great for a Scout Leader to make when out camping out with his or her troops.

Written from the perspective of people who like to engage in outdoor adventures, like wilderness camping, this website also has recipes that can be made in a typical backyard.

A Dutch Oven Society details how to buy and break in a Dutch oven.

These are tips on how to season a Dutch oven and make it ready for use.

This PDF document contains over 500 recipes for all meals, including dessert.

The Food Network offers their most popular Dutch oven recipes.

Byron lists tips on how to use a Dutch oven. A lengthy section devoted to regulating temperature is included.

The Missouri Department of Conservation provides a lengthy article on Dutch ovens, including "Rules to Success."

A faculty member at Texas A&M University gives a short introduction to Dutch oven cooking.

This is a basic how-to article on how to season and cook with a Dutch oven. It also contains an essential utensils list and clean-up tips.

This is helpful information about Dutch ovens, and advice on where the heating should come from if you want to roast, fry, boil, bake, simmer or stew food.

These are tips on seasoning a Dutch oven using a high temperature.

Written from a cowboy's point-of-view, this website details Dutch oven cooking, and gives tips on how to control the oven's temperature while cooking.

This is basic advice on Dutch ovens, including how to accessorize them and tips on how to cook each of the food groups in them.

These are tips on how to camp and cook with a Dutch oven. Alternative fuels are discussed, and there is a list of useful camping equipment at the end.

This website includes some recipes that were specifically designed for outdoor cooking in Dutch ovens.

This is recipe that illustrates how to make meatloaf in a Dutch oven with great flavor. Pictures are included.

This website encourages kids to learn how to cook with a Dutch oven by providing them with recipes that they can prepare on their own. There is a selection tool that allows users to find recipes by age group and meal type.

This is a great homemade chicken soup recipe that can be easily prepared with a Dutch oven.

This website lists a bread recipe that can be baked in a Dutch oven. It includes pictures and an FAQ for Dutch oven bread-making.

This baked apples recipe can be a quick, easy and delicious dessert for everyone.

There are a few different Dutch oven dessert recipes listed here.

This is information on how to create Dutch ovens with lighter and smaller materials that can fit into a backpack. Recipes are included.

These are step-by-step instructions on how to make a Dutch oven table.

This website includes basic tips on how to treat and care for Dutch ovens. An interesting section includes information on how to "rescue" old or neglected Dutch ovens.

Information on what a Dutch oven is can be found on this page from NDSU.

This page is a variety of Dutch oven recipes for a variety of tastes.

A large number of recipes that can be made using a Dutch oven are provided here.

An online cookbook for Dutch oven cooking.

Some basic information on cooking and seasoning a Dutch oven.

A simple but tasty recipe for ribs cooked in a Dutch oven.

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