Island-Mount Ventilation Hoods

Island-Mount Ventilation Hoods

Island-install outdoor kitchen vent hoods for use with K500HB, K750HB or K1000HB built-in grills.

For a grill vent hood to be effective, it needs more than just a powerful fan. In needs the appropriate smoke capture area. Kalamazoo vent hoods extend six inches beyond the grilling surface in each direction, plus the have the vertical height above and below the baffle filters to hold the smoke as the fan does its job.


Product Options

  • 1,400 CFM roof-mounted fan (recommended for reduced noise levels in the outdoor kitchen
  • 1,200 CFM in-hood fan
  • Custom-height stainless steel chimney covers built to order to meet project specifications

Product Features

  • Available in three sizes: 36" W, 48" W and 60" W
  • Includes 3-speed fan control (fan not included) 
  • Hand-crafted, welded and finished from heavy-gauge stainless steel
  • Easy to clean stainless steel baffle filters that will last a lifetime
  • Hangs from ceiling
  • Built-in halogen lighting with two illumination levels — one for comfortable after-dark cooking (50 watts) and a second ambient light setting (25 watts) for when the meal is served
  • Extends 6 inches beyond cooking surface of the grill in each direction
  • Connects to 10-inch duct (duct not included, top-vent only)
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Available in three widths:

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