Cooking In The Kitchen With Kids

Cooking In The Kitchen With Kids

Cooking with your children can be a fun, messy and exciting adventure. Every time you take your child into the kitchen with you it opens a whole new world. Children can use the kitchen to express their creativity or to learn about good nutrition. Baking and cooking are a great lesson in chemistry. Even a math lesson can be slid in under the radar as you measure fractions in order to complete your recipe. There are few other opportunities in everyday life where so much knowledge can be passed on to your children in an informal learning environment.

Kitchen Safety

One of the first lessons that you need to impart to your children before you head into the kitchen is safety. Small children need to know that they need to be supervised while performing kitchen activities. Sharp knives and hot items can, of course, be dangerous to kids. We know that, but children tend to be fearless and without a reminder can easily forget the dangers involved. The following resources will help you learn how to teach and reinforce basic safety with kids in the kitchen.

Different Homemade Pizza Recipes

What child doesn't like pizza? There are so many variations to the basics of pizza that it is easy to make one that your kids are sure to love. By letting them choose the toppings, you might even get them to include some veggies. A smiley face pizza with olive eyes and a green pepper smile is sure to please. Breakfast pizza can be a fun way to start a weekend tradition of cooking and eating breakfast as a family. Dessert pizza is another fun choice that can be a healthier alternative to cake or cookies.

Cookies and Other Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are always a big hit. We often associate cakes and cookies with holidays and family gatherings. Helping you with the baking can be a great way to involve your children in family traditions like holiday cookies and birthday cakes. Many recipes are kid friendly and will work when cooking with kids of all ages. Decorating your masterpiece can be a lot of fun, too. This process can let children express their creative side in a way that everyone gets to enjoy. You can even reinforce the idea of healthier snacks by showing how substitutions can be made in recipes. Changing out the oil for applesauce or the buttermilk for yogurt can make for a healthy option that tastes great. Experiment and see what you and the kids can come up with.


If you are planning a dinner party or get together appetizers are probably on your to do list. They can be an excellent way to involve the kids in party preparations. Appetizers can be simple and still be delicious. When the children have helped to prepare and then pass out the appetizers they have made it will give them a great sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Recipes Perfect For Summertime

Summertime recipes can be simple and delicious. One of the best parts of summertime cooking is that you can do some of the prep work on the patio or the picnic table. There is freedom in moving some of the mess outside and keeping the kitchen clean. Seasonal ingredients, readily available in the summer, make cooking delicious. Fresh fruits and vegetables add color and texture to many of the dishes that you prepare all year. Experimenting with new tastes is a great way to expand your child's willingness to try new foods. If they make it they will most likely eat at least some of it.

No Cooking or Baking Needed

There are many recipes out there that require no cooking or baking. Some of them will need to be frozen or refrigerated. Others just need to be mixed and served. These can be easier for young children and when you use your kitchen to create no cook or bake recipes you will not have to worry about the hot stove. This type of recipe is an opportunity for children to develop a little independence in the kitchen.

Cooking with your children can be fun and exciting. It will boost their self-confidence and add to their feelings of independence. Sharing the kitchen with the kids is a wonderful way for parents to share a chore that will help their kids later in life and maybe share some family traditions at the same time. Teach them young how to perform the necessary tasks safely and correctly. The joy will last forever!

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