Grill Grate Scraper

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Grill Grate Scraper


Exclusive to Kalamazoo, this grillmaster-approved, sturdy hardwood grill grate-cleaning tool is a brilliant alternative to a standard wire brush.

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The Grate Scrape's large, long design gives you two-handed leverage, making it possible to scrape even the furthest corners of the grill grate without putting your hands too close to the heat. It is optimal for use on Kalamazoo's custom laser-cut grill grates, providing control and power, with absolutely no risk of leaving bristles behind. It is also designed to work well with standard rod surface grill grates, ensuring a super precise scrape every time. Made from all-natural, kiln-dried oak the Grate Scrape will outlast any other conventional grill brush.

Product Features

Product Features

  • All-natural, made from kiln-dried oak and treated with food-safe mineral oil
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Specially designed for comfortable two-handed use and excellent leverage for cleaning grills grates
  • To maintain it, protect it from the elements. Wipe clean with a towel after use, and occasionally wipe down with mineral oil.

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