Outdoor Kitchens 101

These aren’t your grandparents’ grilling techniques. Many people are now taking the kitchen outdoors to enjoy nature while cooking and entertaining guests. Nothing beats having a grill, pizza oven, wine chiller, and plenty of counter space to prepare an outdoor meal for everyone, including the neighbors. The natural ambiance of the great outdoors is a perfect accompaniment to your meal.

The following infographic visually outlines everything you need to know about outdoor kitchens. We created this infographic to help anyone who is thinking about building their own outdoor kitchen. These nine tips are essential to ensure optimal outdoor kitchen and grilling experiences.

Put down the spatula and start sharing these tips with your friends and followers on all your social media sites. Show it to your husband or wife who wants to know more about outdoor kitchens before starting construction. Or, save this graphic for a quick reference when laying out your own backyard outdoor kitchen.

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Every summer, millions of people light up the charcoal, grab the spatula, and partake in the classic way to cook outdoors: with a round UFO-looking grill. Grilling has greatly changed now that many homeowners have an outdoor cooking space. These outdoor kitchens are epitomize the outdoor oasis, providing ample room for entertaining, cooking, and socializing while taking in a breath of fresh air. Homeowners can customize their outdoor kitchen by incorporating appliances that range from a pizza oven to a large grill, from a wine cooler to a beer tap. The possibilities are endless and cater to the specific needs of the household.

The above infographic provides readers with all the vital information that’s needed to decide what your outdoor kitchen should look like. Whether you’re in the process of designing your kitchen or you’re trying to persuade your spouse to get one, this content is made for you. We wanted to provide customers and clients with an easy-to-read graphic that has all the information that they need to consider when laying out and designing their first outdoor kitchen.

Before you begin, you must assess the location of your future outdoor kitchen to ensure it’s flat enough, can easily be sheltered by from the sun, and can be hooked up to the home’s utilities. We also defined the various areas of the traditional outdoor kitchen to help you decide how you want the equipment and amenities arranged. These steps are just as important as choosing the right grilling appliance and barbeque essentials. Dimensions of the countertops, prep areas, and appropriate cabinet space also need to be considered. The worst thing you can do is to underestimate these design concepts and later regret not adding an island, additional prep areas, or additional cabinet space.

The best outdoor kitchens have a large shelter or overhang that protects guests during inclement weather. These structures normally include lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to make the space feel as luxurious as possible. A fireplace adds another element to the space, transforming it into a comfortable living area. The last part of the infographic highlights safety concerns and how to protect yourself from a fire and other dangers.

Don’t start dreaming, start doing! Share the above infographic on all of your social media sites, show your spouse, and start to get the ball rolling—and hopefully soon you’ll be grilling in your own outdoor kitchen. Use this information as a guideline to purchasing your own outdoor kitchen and then blog about how this content helped you in the design and layout process. Homeowners will appreciate the content especially because building an outdoor kitchen is the best way to increase the value of any home and provide another reason for the family to enjoy the great outdoors. People that enjoy entertaining should highly consider adding an outdoor kitchen and patio area in the back yard to get the most out of their property.

Add This Infographic to Your Site

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